Department of Forestry & Resource Management

The Department of Forestry and Resource Management is currently the largest vocational forestry training institute in New Zealand.

Purpose-built facilities

This department has purpose-built facilities in The Waiariki National Centre of Excellence for the Forest and Wood Industry, a new Timber Industry Wood Manufacturing Centre, and a timber testing laboratory and gasification plant. We offer qualifications in the following subject areas:

State of the art technology

Students learn in a hands-on environment with access to specialist computer simulation software relating to forest mapping, forest operations, saw doctoring, machining, and other related applications. On-site is a commercial sawmill, as well as three wood processing workshops and a saw doctors workshop. The forest and wood industry has a huge influence on our community and needs skilled employees now to keep up with the demands of the growing industry.

Department of Forestry and Resource Management Staff

  • Jeremy Christmas Head of Department, Forestry and Resource Management profile photo.

    Jeremy Christmas

    Position: Head of Department, Forestry and Resource Management

    Qualifications: Bachelor of Forestry Science, Canterbury University;
    Graduate Diploma in Accounting, Victoria University of Wellington;
    Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry;
    Efficiency Decoration, New Zealand Army;
    New Zealand Defence Service Medal, New Zealand Army;
    Justice of the Peace

    Profile: Jeremy has been associated with the Forest and Wood Industry for over 35 years, since joining the New Zealand Forest Service as a Forester Trainee in 1975. Since then he has worked in numerous technical and management roles within this sector, including 12 years in senior management positions in the timber preservation industry in both New Zealand and Australia.

    Jeremy is also a keen cyclist and an active national road and track Commissaire and an international Mountain Bike Commissaire. He is passionate about giving back to the community as an active member of Rotary International and a Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry.

  • Richard Stringfellow Programme Area Leader, Forest Operations profile photo.

    Richard Stringfellow

    Position: Programme Area Leader, Forest Operations

  • Craig Morley Associate Professor, Resource Management profile photo.

    Craig Morley

    Position: Associate Professor, Resource Management

    Committee: Waiariki Research Committee

    Qualifications: Member of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry, the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG), and Member IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA)

    Profile: Craig has been associated with conservation, resource and environmental management for almost 30 years. He taught conservation biology and ecology in Fiji at the University of the South Pacific, worked at the Department of Conservation as a Biodiversity Programme Manager, and even taught dog handlers about canine physiology and behaviour. His work interests include the impact of invasive species on fragile ecosystems and restoration ecology. Craig has also worked in Austria, South Africa and the United Kingdom, including at London Zoo.

  • Arona Marsters Logging Tutor (Trades Academy) profile photo.

    Arona Marsters

    Position: Logging Tutor (Trades Academy)

  • Bill Tiopira Logging Tutor (Ruatoki) profile photo.

    Bill Tiopira

    Position: Logging Tutor (Ruatoki)

  • Brent Cannard Logging Tutor (Taupo) profile photo.

    Brent Cannard

    Position: Logging Tutor (Taupo)

  • James Broadley Forest Management Tutor profile photo.

    James Broadley

    Position: Forest Management Tutor

  • Jim Waipouri Logging Tutor (Turangi) profile photo.

    Jim Waipouri

    Position: Logging Tutor (Turangi)

  • Mack Hudson Logging Tutor (Opotiki) profile photo.

    Mack Hudson

    Position: Logging Tutor (Opotiki)

  • Mark McNaught Logging Tutor (Napier) profile photo.

    Mark McNaught

    Position: Logging Tutor (Napier)

  • Neville Tapsell Logging Tutor (Murupara) profile photo.

    Neville Tapsell

    Position: Logging Tutor (Murupara)

  • Peter Maple Sustainable Energy Tutor profile photo.

    Peter Maple

    Position: Sustainable Energy Tutor

  • Sean Huntington Logging Tutor (Kawerau) profile photo.

    Sean Huntington

    Position: Logging Tutor (Kawerau)

  • Steve Hyde Logging Tutor (Tokoroa) profile photo.

    Steve Hyde

    Position: Logging Tutor (Tokoroa)

  • Tom Moengaroa Logging Tutor (Rotorua) profile photo.

    Tom Moengaroa

    Position: Logging Tutor (Rotorua)

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