Department of Engineering Technologies & Construction

The Department of Engineering Technologies and Construction has a staff of 21. We offer a wide range of programmes in the following subjects:

Courses for everyone

Our department caters to full time and part time students, including secondary school, MITO and Competenz students. Our programmes are spread across the four regions: Rotorua, Whakatane, Taupo, and Tokoroa.

Highly regarded programmes

Our last audit labelled our automotive programmes as our “Jewel in the crown”. We are proud of our Automotive Retail Workshop, which is the only institute in New Zealand that provides WOF testing. We are also proud of our success rate and the relationships we have built with local industries who contact us when looking for apprentices or workers. This department specialises in project based courses and produces work ready graduates.

Department News and Profiles

Department of Engineering Technologies and Construction Staff

  • Brett Jones Automotive Tutor profile photo.

    Brett Jones

    Position: Automotive Tutor

  • Carl Southall Automotive Tutor profile photo.

    Carl Southall

    Position: Automotive Tutor

  • Graham Savage Automotive Tutor profile photo.

    Graham Savage

    Position: Automotive Tutor

  • Joe Nathan Automotive Tutor profile photo.

    Joe Nathan

    Position: Automotive Tutor

  • Daniel Marks Fitting and Turning Tutor profile photo.

    Daniel Marks

    Position: Fitting and Turning Tutor

  • George Fisher Senior Technician profile photo.

    George Fisher

    Position: Senior Technician

  • Haedyn Borck Collision Repair Tutor profile photo.

    Haedyn Borck

    Position: Collision Repair Tutor

  • Peter Hazelwood Technician profile photo.

    Peter Hazelwood

    Position: Technician

  • Ray Ellis Carpentry Tutor profile photo.

    Ray Ellis

    Position: Carpentry Tutor

  • Michael Hastie Electrical Tutor profile photo.

    Michael Hastie

    Position: Electrical Tutor

  • Terry Oldham Senior Electrical Lecturer profile photo.

    Terry Oldham

    Position: Senior Electrical Lecturer

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