Department of Forestry & Resource Management

The Department of Forestry and Resource Management is currently the largest vocational forestry training institute in New Zealand.

Purpose-built facilities

This department has purpose-built facilities in The Waiariki National Centre of Excellence for the Forest and Wood Industry, a new Timber Industry Wood Manufacturing Centre, and a timber testing laboratory and gasification plant. Use the following links to view more about these facilities:

We offer qualifications in the following subject areas

State of the art technology

Students learn in a hands-on environment with access to specialist computer simulation software relating to forest mapping, forest operations, saw doctoring, machining, and other related applications. On-site is a commercial sawmill, as well as three wood processing workshops and a saw doctors workshop.
The forest and wood industry has a huge influence on our community and needs skilled employees now to keep up with the demands of the growing industry.

Department News and Profiles

Department of Forestry and Resource Management Staff

  • Linton Winder Head of Department, Forestry and Resource Management profile photo.

    Linton Winder

    Position: Head of Department, Forestry and Resource Management

    Qualifications: BSc (Hons.) Environmental Science (Southampton University);
    PhD (Southampton University)


    Linton is an entomologist with a background in agricultural and forest ecology. He did his PhD in the UK at Rothamsted Research Station which focussed on conservation biological control. He has spent most of his career in higher education, having worked previously at the universities of Bournemouth, Plymouth and Exeter in the UK, the University of the South Pacific in the Fiji Islands, and Unitec in New Zealand. He also worked for the UK’s Environment Agency early in his career. Recent projects include a partnership with the BHU, Landcare Research and Massey University to use new genomic tools to detect pests and diseases in horticultural, agricultural and forest environments (with funding from AGMARDT and the BioProtection Core). Linton also works with colleagues in Fiji on a number of conservation-related projects and has a strong interest in forest ecology.

  • Craig Morley Associate Professor, Resource Management profile photo.

    Craig Morley

    Position: Associate Professor, Resource Management

    Qualifications: Member of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry, the IUCN Invasive Species Specialist Group (ISSG), and Member IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA)


    Craig has been associated with conservation, resource and environmental management for almost 30 years. He taught conservation biology and ecology in Fiji at the University of the South Pacific, worked at the Department of Conservation as a Biodiversity Programme Manager, and even taught dog handlers about canine physiology and behaviour. His work interests include the impact of invasive species on fragile ecosystems and restoration ecology. Craig has also worked in Austria, South Africa and the United Kingdom, including at London Zoo.

  • Ian Mclean Senior Lecturer in Resource Management profile photo.

    Ian Mclean

    Position: Senior Lecturer in Resource Management


    Ian McLean trained originally as a biologist, specialising in animal behaviour and conservation biology with birds and mammals. He pioneered the principle of behavioural modification as a management tool for improving the abilities of threatened species faced with new predators. Ian studied originally at Auckland University, then moved to Canada for his PhD. He has worked in universities in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, and also for the United Nations based in Geneva. He has conducted field-based research on a wide range of ecological and behavioural questions in many countries. Ian’s teaching is focussed on environmental management, with a strong emphasis on sustainable living. He also supports many community-based programmes on issues such as housing, food resilience, community development, sustainable transportation and urban design.

  • Mark Cleland Forest Management Tutor profile photo.

    Mark Cleland

    Position: Forest Management Tutor

    Qualifications: Bachelor of Forestry Science (Hons), Canterbury University


    Mark has been associated with the forestry and wood processing industry for more than 35 years. His industry experience includes roles in forest research, forest consulting and plantation forest estate management. Mark joined Waiariki in 1994 where he teaches on the Diploma in Forest Management programme. Mark is a keen outdoor enthusiast with a passion for fly-fishing in the back country.

  • James Broadley Forest Management Tutor profile photo.

    James Broadley

    Position: Forest Management Tutor


    James has been a tutor on the forest management programme for 20 years. He has a BSc(Forestry) from Kurun Metsaoppilaitos, Finland as well as a NZ Certificate in Forestry. James’ forestry work experience includes harvesting, silvicultural contracting, pre-harvest inventory and forest management supervision. James has forest work experience in New Zealand, Scotland and Finland and has travelled extensively through Europe, Scandinavia, Russia and Asia. His teaching subjects and professional interests include forest and road engineering, forestry costing, surveying, GIS, remote sensing and forest work study. James is married , has two children and is a keen fly-fisherman and avid reader.

  • Richard Stringfellow Programme Area Leader, Forest Operations profile photo.

    Richard Stringfellow

    Position: Programme Area Leader, Forest Operations


    In 1996 whilst working out in the bush as a silverculturalist and crew foreman, an assessor/trainer suggested to Richard that he should apply to Waiariki as a tutor in the Forest Operations programme. Richard then spent the next seven years as a tutor before moving up to regional manager of the programme for another three years. In 2006 he was made head of the Forest Operations, a position he currently holds. He has spent several years working overseas in such places as Wales and Australia and in his youth was a shepherd in Masterton.

  • Fred Bullot  profile photo.

    Fred Bullot

  • Brent Cannard Logging Tutor (Taupo) profile photo.

    Brent Cannard

    Position: Logging Tutor (Taupo)


    Brent has worked in the forestry industry for over 25 years, based mainly in Tokoroa. The early part of his career was spent working for logging contracting companies. Brent worked for ten years as a trainer/assessor for Competenz before joining Waiariki as a logging tutor.

  • Mack Hudson Logging Tutor (Opotiki) profile photo.

    Mack Hudson

    Position: Logging Tutor (Opotiki)


    Born in Opotiki and whakapapa to Whakatohea, Te Atiawa, Ngati Awa, Tuhoe. I have 42 years of forestry experience behind me, 28 of those years working in ground base and cable hauler operations. For the last 13years I have been a trainer for the Waiariki Institute looking predominately after the Opotiki region. I am driven by the possibility of changing and or bettering someone's life by teaching them new life skills, and in the past have achieved this, which to me makes what we do all the important, i.e. changing one life habits to the positive could very well change the well-being of an entire family for the better.

  • Sean Huntington Logging Tutor (Kawerau) profile photo.

    Sean Huntington

    Position: Logging Tutor (Kawerau)


    I left school when I was sixteen, and did shut work in the Tasman mill for a year. I then started working in the forest doing production thinning. After about 12 months I gained employment with New Zealand Rail as a traffic operator in Kawerau. After ten years it was time for a change so in 1994 I went back to forest work as a skid worker which led to becoming a faller, skidder op bulldozer and bell operator. (Most of the time falling and skidder work). In 2002 I started work with Waiariki as a Forest Operations trainer. I have lived in Kawerau from the age of thirteen except for two years in Australia hardwood logging.

  • Steve Hyde Logging Tutor (Tokoroa) profile photo.

    Steve Hyde

    Position: Logging Tutor (Tokoroa)

    Qualifications: Certificate in Tertiary Teaching;
    National Certificate in Ground-Based Harvesting.


    Steve started his career in 1977. His first job was with Waipa Gang 1 in the original ‘Old Crop’ in Kaingaroa Forest. In his foresty career he has worked for several forestry contractors in Rotorua, Marsterton and Northland forests. His many roles includes: tree faller in both production thinning and clear-fell operations, bulldozer and Cat 527 high-track skidder operator, and operator on both grapple and cable skidders.

  • Arona Marsters Logging Tutor (Trades Academy) profile photo.

    Arona Marsters

    Position: Logging Tutor (Trades Academy)


    Arona spent 11 years in the NZ armed forces before entering the forestry industry. He has worked as the foreman of a logging crew for 13 years, as the Director of a logging contractor for 11 years, and was a FITEC assessor for 7 years. Arona joined Waiariki as a Forest Operations Tutor in 2011.

  • Tom Moengaroa Logging Tutor (Rotorua) profile photo.

    Tom Moengaroa

    Position: Logging Tutor (Rotorua)

  • Mark McNaught Logging Tutor (Napier) profile photo.

    Mark McNaught

    Position: Logging Tutor (Napier)


    At the age of 16 I entered the logging industry for a period of 11 months in the South Island. While in this crew I learnt to fall exotics and had my first introduction to native species. I spent most of my time operating a Wilson hauler. I returned to the bush 4 years later and worked for Graham Mitchell Logging Ltd. Over the next 5 years I completed courses on general requirements, chainsaw operating and maintenance, processing on the landing, machine operating loader, and tree felling (Stage one). Graham then started his crew as a ground base and changed to a hauler crew running a 046 Madill. I then worked for Trevor Hayes Logging Ltd for a further 4.5 years working with a 171 Madill hauler. It was with this crew that I moved from the south island up to the North Island. For 5.5 years I worked for Les Tresidder Logging LTD both working with and operating the 009 Hauler. Les has run both ground base and hauler crews. While working with Les I also became a registered Trainer/Assessor. For the last 10 years I have work for Waiariki as a trainer based out of Napier.

  • Kevin Packer  profile photo.

    Kevin Packer


    Kevin Packer is an accomplished logging trainer, with over three decades of experience within the industry. Kevin’s career started as a trainee with Kaingaroa Woodsman Training School, graduating to Logging Supervisor for New Zealand Forest Service. He also worked overseas as a felling contractor for Sunny Forest based in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, eventually returning to a new post as Logging Supervisor with Timberlands based in Rotorua/Kaingaroa. Kevin also worked in various capacities as a tree felling assessor, including forest logging in his capacity as forest operations trainer for Waiariki Polytechnic, Forest Division.

  • Neville Tapsell Logging Tutor (Murupara) profile photo.

    Neville Tapsell

    Position: Logging Tutor (Murupara)


    Neville Tapsell spent over 15 years in the bush and another five as a storeman for such companies as KLC Ltd and Tuwharetoa Kia Kawerau. He also spent time with DOC felling wild pine trees in the National Park as well as a working on Waiariki’s since retired logging crew. He joined his father as a tutor for Waiariki in late 2001 and has been here ever since teaching Forest Operations in Murupara.

  • Bill Tiopira Logging Tutor (Ruatoki) profile photo.

    Bill Tiopira

    Position: Logging Tutor (Ruatoki)


    Bill has been working in the forest industry since high school - to begin with during school holidays. Bill then went straight into silviculture work at Kaingaroa Forest first, working for 11 years with various forest companies . He then moved into the logging industry, stayed over 20 years, and has been a tutor with Waiariki since 2008.

  • Jim Waipouri Logging Tutor (Turangi) profile photo.

    Jim Waipouri

    Position: Logging Tutor (Turangi)


    My name is Jim Waipouri. I am a forestry tutor for Waiariki institute of Technology and have been working as a tutor in forestry for the last 15 years. My background in forestry is 27 years and my skills range from chainsaw work to operating all types of machinery. I believe in forming good relationships with my students to create a friendly, positive, and confident environment. If you think forestry is a job that you would like to do, apply now to the Institute.

  • Nadine Leddy Environmental Management Tutor profile photo.

    Nadine Leddy

    Position: Environmental Management Tutor


    Nadine Leddy spent 28 years working for a range of corporate companies including transport and logistics, before entering into the conservation industry. Nadine has 4 years’ experience as a Team Leader coordinating volunteer groups in restoration projects around Auckland, Kaipara and the Waipa district. Nadine studied at Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, and holds a degree in Biodiversity Management. Her recent work includes field-based research of Phytophthora pathogens in the Waitakere Ranges, through Landcare Research, and Lichen Translocation projects with Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, Auckland.

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