Department of Manufacturing & Primary Industries

The Department of Manufacturing and Primary Industries offers courses in a variety industry-related areas:

Our state of the art facilities allow us to train industry-ready people in an active hands-on learning environment.

We welcome students of all skill levels and backgrounds to join our study programmes. Our courses are taught by experienced tutors and industry professionals. Students are provided with everything they need to expand their opportunities and begin successful careers in the agriculture and horticulture industries.

Department of Manufacturing and Primary Industries Staff

  • Grant Colbert Head of Department, Primary Industries and Manufacturing profile photo.

    Grant Colbert

    Position: Head of Department, Primary Industries and Manufacturing

    Qualifications: Bachelor of Education, Massey University;
    Diploma in Teaching, Massey University;
    Diploma in Rural Studies, Massey University;
    Certificate in Horticulture, Bay of Plenty Community College


    Grant is an enthusiastic and dedicated fan of the Primary sector with personal experience working on farms and managing orchards.

    Grant believes that agriculture and horticulture are a critical component of both our local and the wider NZ economy, and as such, hold excellent and diverse career opportunities.

  • Doug Senior Timber Machining Tutor profile photo.

    Doug Senior

    Position: Timber Machining Tutor

  • Shane Bennet Timber Machining Tutor profile photo.

    Shane Bennet

    Position: Timber Machining Tutor

  • Paul McGovern Timber Machining Technician profile photo.

    Paul McGovern

    Position: Timber Machining Technician

  • Kerry Parker Timber Machining Tutor profile photo.

    Kerry Parker

    Position: Timber Machining Tutor

  • Boy Hapi Forklift Driver profile photo.

    Boy Hapi

    Position: Forklift Driver

  • Alex Ingram Sawmill Operator/Trainer profile photo.

    Alex Ingram

    Position: Sawmill Operator/Trainer

  • Cheryl Bryers Sawmill Operator/Trainer profile photo.

    Cheryl Bryers

    Position: Sawmill Operator/Trainer

  • Robin Wright Sawmill Operator/Trainer profile photo.

    Robin Wright

    Position: Sawmill Operator/Trainer

  • Kawakawa Edmonds Sawmill Operator/Trainer profile photo.

    Kawakawa Edmonds

    Position: Sawmill Operator/Trainer

  • Alice de Nys Horticulture Tutor profile photo.

    Alice de Nys

    Position: Horticulture Tutor

  • Dave Jones Agriculture and Horticulture Tutor profile photo.

    Dave Jones

    Position: Agriculture and Horticulture Tutor

  • Delia West Horticulture Tutor profile photo.

    Delia West

    Position: Horticulture Tutor

  • Greg Brady Agriculture Tutor profile photo.

    Greg Brady

    Position: Agriculture Tutor

  • Hayley-Jane Malcolmson Agriculture Tutor profile photo.

    Hayley-Jane Malcolmson

    Position: Agriculture Tutor

  • Nick Edmonds Agriculture Tutor profile photo.

    Nick Edmonds

    Position: Agriculture Tutor

  • Shane OLeary Horticulture Tutor profile photo.

    Shane OLeary

    Position: Horticulture Tutor

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