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Olayemi Abdullateef Aliyu, PhD Programme Area Lead, Postgraduate Management profile photo.

Olayemi Abdullateef Aliyu, PhD


Programme Area Lead, Postgraduate Management


PhD in Marketing, Master in Economics, Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management, Higher National Diploma in Marketing, and Professional Certificate in International Contact Centre Management.



+64 7346 8955


Prior to joining Waiariki, Dr Aliyu was a senior lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology's Sarawak Campus, and University Utara Malaysia. He has successfully supervised postgraduate and undergraduate students and also reviewed scholarly papers in refereed journals.

Dr Aliyu’s expertise is in marketing, focusing on customer relationship management, supply chain management, service marketing, customer performance evaluation, technology management and financial economics. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing London, British Academy of Management, Australian & New Zealand Academy of Management.

Research Interests:

  • Quantitative Analysis of Business Metrics
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Financial Economics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Service Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Contact/Call Centres
  • Technology Management

Research Publications and Outputs:


Abdullateef, A. O (2011): CRM implementation in inbound Contact Center: Issues and Challenges; LAP Lambert Academic Publishing Germany ISBN 978-3-8473-0890-4

Chapter in Book

Abdullateef, A. O (2015): Qualitative Response Regression Modelling: IGI Global Disseminator of Knowledge - DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6371-8.ch011

Refereed Journal Publications


  • Abdullateef, A. O., & MW Nyadzayo (2016, in press). Reducing employee turnover intention: a customer relationship management perspective. Journal of Strategic Marketing.


  • Hashim, N. A., Abdullateef, A. O., Sarkindaji, B. D (2015). The Moderating Influence of Trust on the Relationship between Institutional Image/Reputation, Perceived Value on Student Loyalty in Higher Education Institution. International Review of Management and Marketing, 5(3), 122-128.
  • Abbas, M. R., Abdullateef, A. O., Mokhtar, S.S.M (2015). Does Service Recovery lead to Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Airline Industry? A perceived justice theory approach. World Applied Sciences Journal, 32 (12), 2421-2427.
  • Sarkindaji, B. D., Hashim, N. A., Abdullateef, A. O (2015). Assessing Efficiency of Service Quality on Consumers Retention in Nigerian Mobile Service Industry. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 6(1), 195 – 203.
  • Abdullateef, A. O., Chux, G. I., Kareem, O., Manzuma-Ndaaba, M. N (2015). Determining Customer Continuous Online Usage Intention in the Airline Industry. Research and Investment Management Implications. Innovative Marketing, 11(1), 17 - 27


  • Abdullateef, A. O., Mokhtar, S.S.M., & Yusoff, R. Z. Ahmad, I. S (2014). The influence of CRM organization and knowledge management on employee job satisfaction and intention to quit: Malaysia call center perspective. World Applied Sciences Journal, 32 (12), 2412-2420.
  • Abdullateef, A. O & Biodun, A . B (2014). Are International Students Tourists? International Journal of Business and Globalization, 13(3) 298-306.
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  • Abubakar, M. M., Mokhtar, S.S.M., & Abdullateef, A. O. (2014). The Role of Long-Term Orientation Culture and Service Recovery on the Relationship between Trust, Bonding and Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: The Case of Retail Banking Industry of Nigeria. Asian Social Science, 10(2), 209-220.
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  • Kareem, O., Abdullateef, A. O. Mokhtar, S.S.M (2014). The Consequences of Qualitative Overstretch on Employee Intention to Quit in Malaysia CRM Call Centers. Journal of Human Resources Management and Labor Studies 2(2), 55-70
  • Manzuma-Ndaaba, M. N., Harada , Y., Abdullateef, A. O (2014). Determining Mediating Effects of Student Attitude and Satisfaction on Reenrollment Behavior in Malaysia Higher Education Institutions: Nigerian Students Experience. Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship Development, 2(2), 171-188
  • Salimon, M. G., Yusoff, R. Z., Abdullateef, A. O (2014). The Mediating Effects of e-Satisfaction on the Relationship between e-Banking Adoption and its Determinants: A conceptual Framework. Journal of Management Information System and E-commerce. 1(1), 95-105

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