Research Staff Profiles

Heather Vail Communications Tutor profile photo.

Heather Vail


Communications Tutor


BA Women’s Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz;
Certificate in Tertiary Teaching


Heather started at Waiariki in 2008 as a lecturer in bicultural journalism. When that degree was disestablished she became a communications tutor and transitioned into work mainly with international students in communications classes. She is now studying for a Master’s in Education, Global Studies.

Research Interests:

  • Global classroom strategies
  • Women’s leadership in education
  • Critical research on overcoming stereotypes

Research Publications and Outputs:

NTLT Conference proceedings, 2015

Non-academic work as a journalist in USA - Newspaper stories & columns, photographs and radio commentary:

  • The Herald & News, Klamath Falls, Oregon
  • The Umpqua Post, Reedsport, Oregon
  • KLCC radio, Eugene, Oregon

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