Research Staff Profiles

Jack Keogh Senior Lecturer profile photo.

Jack Keogh


Senior Lecturer


Masters in Entrepreneurship (MEntr), University of Otago;
Bachelor of Commerce and Administration (BCA), Victoria University of Wellington



+64 7346 8847


Jack holds a Masters in Entrepreneurship from the University of Otago which area is of special interest of Jack. New Zealand Business and Entrepreneurship is a major interest in Jacks study and research. While at Victoria University, Jack majored in Māori business as part of his commerce degree. Throughout his academic journey, Jack would compare Māori strategies and skills, to business and organizational theories. Jack has been employed in various tertiary roles and community projects including the New Zealand defense force.

Research Interests:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Maori Business and Organizations
  • Indigenous structures and learning models

Research Publications and Outputs:

  • Presented “Applied teaching methods” at Qingdao Technical College in China, 2015
  • Presented “White Spaces in Entrepreneurship” Inspire Creative Entrepreneurs symposium, Waiariki, 2015
  • Supervision of Masters Thesis, Iason-Uaea, L. (2015). Biculturalism from a Multicultural perspective; Has the bicultural framework ‘outlived its usefulness’ in social service practice’
  • Supervision of Masters Thesis, Kiran, A (2016). Strategic advantages or locating customer directed businesses.
  • Supervision of final year Industry project students, 2011-2016

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