5km Run Leads To Healthier Lives For Foundation Students

22 Sep 2016

Goals were broken in all the right ways at Mokoia Campus yesterday, as our Certificate in Vocational Skills (CVS) sports strand students overcame personal hurdles (not to mention the rain) in order to complete a 5km run!

Capping off a 6 week self-developed exercise plan, the crew stepped out of their comfort zones, replacing fizzy drink and smokes with healthier eating habits in order to achieve.

For Jacinda Nelson, this has already resulted in “major weight loss”, making the assignment one 'lifestyle change' she hopes to continue.

Initially joining the free foundation qualification to gain the NCEA credits it offers, Jacinda says while she has never really been into exercise before, the support of her friends, whānau and classmates helped her to change her mind.

“I have found the course enjoyable and I’ve also found myself more motivated and willing to give things a try.”

Inspired by friends to return and give CVS another shot after a previous attempt didn't work out, Robi Te Rauna now looks set to finish the qualification with an eye towards the armed forces. For this he thanks the support and motivation he has found through this assignment.

“The run was easier than I thought. I have been doing a lot of exercise and I can breathe better when I walk or run. I want to bulk up now. This project has given me other goals to aim for.”

Needing a medical certificate clearance from his doctor, Robi overcame ankle issues and fear while facing this challenge.

“Others should give it a go - you never know, you could end up coming out on top.”

Tutor, Pauline Warbrick says that seeing the benefits of exercise, such as sleeping better, increased confidence, less stress and more energy play out on her students, highlights how making a difference is her favourite part of her job.

"I am so proud of them all. Our mantra was Nelson Mandela’s quote “It always seems impossible until it's done” and they’ve just done it – completed a 5k run. 

"Many of them haven’t run in their lives or not engaged in physical exercise for five or ten years. With that in mind, I have been blown away with their stick-ability to their well-being and I can’t wait to celebrate with them all.

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