Varun Kumar - New Zealand Bartender of the Year

31 Aug 2016

It has been a wild year for Varun Kumar. Graduating from WBoPP in November of last year with a Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management, he recently was named ‘Bartender of the Year’ at the New Zealand Culinary and Hospitality Awards for his work at Rotorua’s Sudima Hotel!

“I feel incredible; being named ‘Bartender of Year’ was like living the dream. It was a big moment to perform in front of so many experienced hospitality personalities on an international platform and it is all still all alive in my eyes.

“Honestly I am feeling that all the knowledge that I have gained so far was just for this moment. However I know it’s not an end, it’s just a start.”

Having loved everything about competing in the four-day long championship event, Varun says he ensured every aspect of his performance, from the glass to the garnish, was his best.

“My passion for the hospitality industry grew when I started at WBoPP. I was initially a bit nervous, but they say that God always helps you if you have the will.”

Meeting people from all over the world a highlight of his student experience, Kumar acknowledges the motivation, experience, insight and trust he received from his tutor, Clare Crawshaw in getting him to this point, and thanks his friend Aseem Sharma for standing by him and believing in his abilities.

Accrediting his success to his family’s values installed within him, this hardworking professional says the skills he learned at WBoPP are continually being built upon in his current role.

“To achieve the best of skills, one should be open-minded for feedback, both positive as well as negative. I really appreciate my Food and Beverage Manager, Mr. Harleen Gulati. I feel really lucky to work with a man who makes sure that every step I take is perfect. His point of view is very important to me.”

“To the people out there I say ‘Always, always trust your struggle and do things which are right and make you happy.’”

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