Waiariki Corporate Documents

    Academic Regulations 

    A compilation of regulations for the governance of academic matters within Waiariki Institute of Technology, to ensure compliance with relevant legislative and educational requirements. This is reviewed each year.

  • Waiariki Academic Regulations (336.8 KB updated 04-May-2015)
  • Annual Report 

    The directory is about the people who govern and manage Waiariki. Council and Te Mana Matauranga set the strategic direction while the senior management team make things happen.

  • 2013 Annual Report (4.5 MB updated 30-May-2014)
  • 2012 Annual Report (2.7 MB updated 03-Dec-2013)
  • 2011 Annual Report (3.5 MB updated 03-Dec-2013)
  • 2010 Annual Report (7.3 MB updated 03-Dec-2013)
  • 2009 Annual Report (5.0 MB updated 03-Dec-2013)
  • 2008 Annual Report (1.4 MB updated 03-Dec-2013)
  • 2007 Annual Report (977.8 KB updated 31-Mar-2014)
  • 2006 Annual Report (2.0 MB updated 03-Dec-2013)
  • Distinctively Bicultural 

    Supporting student success through a focus on distinctively bicultural provision, Waiariki values and an excellent learning experience.

  • Biculturalism Guide for Staff and Students (1.4 MB updated 31-Mar-2014)
  • Investment Plan 

    The New Zealand Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) requires that all publicly funded tertiary education institutions have an approved Investment Plan. The Investment Plan justifies TEC's ongoing investment in Waiariki and supports provision of quality vocational education in subjects which have been prioritised by Waiariki Council and the Senior Management Team as meeting the needs of students, employers, and communities within the Waiariki rohe and further afield across New Zealand. For 2013 Waiariki's Plan also provides indicative priority subjects and volume of delivery for 2014 and 2015.

  • Waiariki Investment Plan (1.6 MB updated 01-Apr-2015)
  • Journal of Best Practice 

    The purpose of He Kupu Whakataki has been to encourage and disseminate research and scholarship in vocational issues from an indigenous perspective. This journal has provided a platform for established and emerging researchers and commentators to offer discussion on a range of issues, from the development of the Sami language, to student engagement, pastoral care amongst Māori students, project development, literacy and numeracy and Māori trade training.

  • He Kupu Whakataki 3rd Edition (558.3 KB updated 20-Aug-2014)
  • He Kupu Whakataki 2nd Edition.pdf (238.1 KB updated 20-Aug-2014)
  • He Kupu Whakataki 1st Edition (458.9 KB updated 20-Aug-2014)
  • Mission and Values 

    To be known for our capability to develop individual potential and enabling students to excel, and strong regional links with business, iwi and the community.

  • Waiariki Values Poster (1.4 MB updated 03-Dec-2013)
  • Partnering for Success 

    This is a brief report which captures a selection of Waiariki's partnership work with employers, stakeholders and other education providers.

  • Partnering for Success Booklet (7.3 MB updated 22-Aug-2014)
  • Strategic Plan 

    The Strategic Plan is the outcome of a collaborative strategic review process, undertaken from September 2010 and led by us, Waiariki Institute of Technology Council, to which a wide range of stakeholders have contributed, including Te Mana Matauranga and the Chief Executive.

  • Waiariki Strategic Plan (1.1 MB updated 03-Dec-2013)
  • Student Conduct 

    Waiariki aims to provide a safe and secure environment for students. For this to happen Waiariki expects that students will not engage in behaviours that endanger their own or others safety and well-being.

  • Waiariki Student Code of Practice Summary (492.9 KB updated 03-Dec-2013)
  • Waiariki Student Code of Practice (233.8 KB updated 03-Dec-2013)
  • Waiariki Harassment and Discrimination Procedure (80.6 KB updated 03-Dec-2013)
  • Waiariki Concerns and Complaints Procedure (92.3 KB updated 03-Dec-2013)

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