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Rheem has been a trusted name in New Zealand since it began making gas hot water systems in Wellington in 1969. Rheem started with gas fired, mains pressure water heaters and low pressure electric cylinders and moved into electric mains pressure water heating in 1973.

Over the years, Rheem customers have enjoyed their hot water from products manufactured with the latest technology and renowned for both innovation and practicality. Rheem has always remained at the forefront of manufacturing techniques.

The Rheem name was established in the mid-1920s when brothers, Richard and Donald Rheem, acquired a galvanizing plant in San Francisco, California. They opened another plant near Los Angeles a decade later to make water heaters.

Today, Rheem New Zealand is a part of the worldwide Rheem family of companies, owned by Paloma in Japan.

In New Zealand, Rheem has led the development and marketing of Gas, Electric, Solar and Heat Pump water heating products with designs specifically suited to our unique environment and water conditions. Rheem has also established an extensive sales, service and parts distribution network to address the needs of NZ customers.

More technical detail is available at www.rheem.co.nz. It is also advisable to discuss hot water systems with a plumber or gas fitter as the existing systems and energy sources in your home can influence the choice of hot water system.

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