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The Rotorua Chamber of Commerce works with business organisations and agencies to build a better local business environment.

Established in 1908, the Chamber provides advocacy, support services and networking opportunities for local business organisations, incorporating every aspect of the Rotorua business sector.

Membership, which currently sits at 670, is open to all Rotorua businesses and enterprises and the Chamber is one of 30 similar organisations in New Zealand.

Funded through membership, sponsorship and the delivery of business support services and contracts, the Chamber works closely with the Economic Development Unit of the Rotorua District Council to attract businesses to the Rotorua region and keep them here.

Chamber members benefit from a range of events, services and programmes that help them to grow their businesses and the Chamber lobbies local and central government to ensure the promotion of an environment that supports profitable, sustainable business.

The Chamber is governed by an executive board including the Chief Executive and is dedicated to the development of regional, national and international business for its members through freedom of enterprise; the development of a market economy with minimal local and central government interference; the strengthening of Rotorua’s position as a strategic business centre; and participation in the growth and development of the region by creating a desirable commercial and industrial environment.

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Page last updated: 19 Oct 2017