Rotorua Hospitality Awards

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Waiariki is a proud sponsor of the Rotorua Hospitality Awards. The awards evening is organised by the Rotorua Committee of the Restaurant Association of New Zealand. They celebrate and recognise everything and everyone that is hospitality; from the front of house team to the kitchen crew; from baristas to bar stars; from restaurants and bars through to top industry personalities.

These awards are a chance to showcase the hospitality industry and reward those that excel in a city which is arguably New Zealand’s premier tourism destination.

Waiariki offers a Hospitality Scholarship which is open to award winners in selected categories. The winner of the Hospitality Scholarship can study full time or part time. This is a great opportunity for the winner to invest in themselves, invest in their future and study at one of New Zealand’s leading tertiary providers.

For more information use the link to the scholarships and grants information web page at the bottom of this page.

The 2016 Rotorua Hospitality Awards are being held on Sunday, 3 July at the Rotorua Energy Events Centre at 6.30pm.

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