Email Account Information

Student email uses a web-based system called Outlook Live. It's very similar to Hotmail, Gmail or Live Webmail accounts.

Your student email address

Student emails will be two or three letters plus three or more digits. Since you can't choose what your email will be, this format provides you with a level of anonymity while still being somewhat meaningful to you and those who know you.

E.g., Flo Jo Adelina Beethoven may become fjb123.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I choose my own email address?
> No.

What if I legally change my name (e.g., through marriage)
> At present we are unable to make any changes to your email address, however, we do suggest you contact your faculty administration staff to update your details as your contact details are used to send results and graduation information.

Use our online update your details form

How can I connect from another email account?
> View the Outlook supplied web page this has the the information you need to connect other email accounts.

Page last updated: 02 May 2017