Frequently Asked Questions for Students

1. What does Toi Ohomai mean?

Our name, Toi Ohomai, means to aim high and achieve great heights. It has a story that has been woven from our whakapapa, history and the aspirations of our communities.

2. What is going to be different?

Whilst the name and brand of the institution has changed, you will still be able to study the same high quality programmes and courses in the same locations. Now that we are Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, we’ll be able to provide enhanced opportunities for the wider Bay of Plenty region.

3. How will it affect me?

Aside from belonging to a new tertiary institution, you will not be affected in any way. 

4. Will I continue my studies at the same campus?

Yes. There are no changes to the location of your course.


5. Can I graduate from BOPPOLY / Waiariki?

BOPPOLY and Waiariki no longer exist. You will now graduate from your new institution, Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology.

6. Job outcomes are important. How is industry being informed / involved?

We know that key to your success is ensuring what you study is aligned to what industry needs. Toi Ohomai will continue to build on our relationships with industry, business and community partners, creating innovative vocational and professional education and training that will provide enhanced opportunities and outcomes for the people of our region.

7. Will qualifications with the new name be recognised by employers?

Yes. The qualifications issued by Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology will be recognised by NZQA and will continue to be held in high regard both here in New Zealand and overseas.

8. Can previous qualifications issued by BOPPOLY / Waiariki be reissued with the new name?

Unless you need a replacement award, previous qualifications awarded will not be reissued under the new institution’s name. Any replacement awards will also detail that it is a reissued award, the name of the original awarding entity and date awarded.

9. I have finished my qualification post 01 May 2016 and received an interim document (award success letter). When will I receive the official award to replace interim the document?

You will receive this before the end of December 2016.


10. I am a student wanting to study in Tauranga – how do I enrol for next year?

You can still enrol online. Visit or come in and see us at any of our campuses.

11. I am a student wanting to study in Rotorua – how do I enrol for next year?

You can still enrol online. Visit or come in and see us at any of our campuses.


12. What are the fees for my course?

All 2016 fees are available on our website We are working to update the 2017 fees and these should be available shortly.

13. Will student policies be the same?

You are bound by the policies, regulations and Codes of Conduct of the institution that you are enrolled through and whichever year your current enrolment applies to.

For 2016, The documentation can be found here:

For 2017, the documentation can be found here:

You will be kept informed of any changes to 2017 policies, codes and regulations that are made during 2016.

14. What student support and facilities will be available to me at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology?

Support services will continue as usual, as already available, at each campus. These will evolve as we transition the new institution. Students will be kept informed throughout. 


15. Will courses change? If so which ones?

All students can continue their study as planned. You can get course details on the programme and courses page of our website 

Any changes for students will be well planned, communicated, and signalled in advance – keep an eye on this webpage and on Facebook ( If you have any specific concerns talk to a tutor or email us .

16. Will there be a reduction in course offerings?

We will continue to develop a portfolio of programmes/courses that meets the need of the region – it’s business as usual. Some of the changes to the new institution portfolio for 2016 – 2017 will be a result of new nationally recognised qualifications being released from the NZQA review of qualifications across the sector, as mentioned above.

LOCATION & TRAVEL QUESTIONS: ‘where’ questions

17. Can I choose which campus I want to study at?

The campus you study at will depend on the programme/course you’ve enrolled in. Some programmes/courses will be offered in a number of campuses and you can choose which one you would like. Some are only offered in a specific place and some are delivered through distance learning. Study options are on the Our Courses page.

18. Can I lodge my application for enrolment in either Tauranga or Rotorua?

Yes, you can lodge your application for enrolment at any Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology campus.

19. I am Tauranga based, will I have to travel to Rotorua for any of my study?

All programmes/courses offered in Tauranga will continue to run. You’ll only need to travel to Rotorua if the course you’ve chosen is offered in Rotorua, just as currently happens. Some programmes/courses have practical experience components that will continue to offer placements in a range of locations where these are available.

20. I am a student studying in Rotorua – will the free student bus to the Mokoia campus still run next year? And will regional buses still operate between Taupō, Tokoroa, Whakatāne and Rotorua?

Yes, all students studying in Rotorua will continue to have a free bus pass; buses from regional campuses to Rotorua will continue to run daily as advertised.


21. What support is available for Māori and Pasifika whanau?

We will continue to offer support, as available at each campus, through access to our dedicated staff.

22. I am interested in Māori and Pasifika trades training who can I talk to?

You can contact the Information Centre at the Mokoia (Rotorua) or Windermere (Tauranga) campus or call us to discuss on 0800 86 46 46.

VISA QUESTIONS: For International Students

23. I’m an international student – do I have to apply for a new visa?

No. Current visas remain valid. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the International Team at either campus:

Rotorua - 

Tauranga -

Page last updated: 02 May 2017