Bus Transport

You may be eligible for free transport to and from Mokoia Campus in Rotorua.

Rotorua students
As an enrolled Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology student in Rotorua, you are eligible to use your student ID smartcard for discounted bus transport on all Rotorua Cityride bus routes, seven days a week. To view the regular routes for Rotorua Cityride, visit the Bay Bus website www.baybus.co.nz

Cityride route 11 and 12 stop just outside the recreation centre on Mokoia Drive every 30 minutes and arrive 15 minutes apart. This means you are able to catch a bus to town every 15 minutes from campus.

While using the bus service, if you need to transfer or switch buses, you must request a transfer from the bus driver at time of boarding.

In addition to the regular Rotorua Cityride timetable, the following additional services are available (these are not for public use and therefore not listed on the Bay Bus website):

  • Morning Express: Service runs Monday through Thursday from Arawa Street that:
  • leaves at 8.00am and travels to Mokoia Campus; and
  • leaves at 8.20am and travels to Waipa Campus;
  • Afternoon Express: Service runs Monday through Thursday that leaves Waipa Campus at 3pm, arrives at Mokoia Drive at 3.10pm, then travels to Arawa Street.
  • Night Express: Service runs Monday through Thursday that leaves from Mokoia Drive at 7.15pm and takes students to their closest bus stop along the Cityride routes.

Waipa students
Travel from Mokoia, and Whakatane campuses is available at 8.50am.
Travel from Taupo, and Tokoroa campuses arrived around 8.30-8.40am.

Free transport for students travelling from Taupo, Tokoroa, and Whakatane

Taupo, Tokoroa, and Whakatane students
Free transport to Mokoia and Waipa Campuses is available from Taupo, Tokoroa, and Whakatane campuses Monday-Friday during Term 1, 2, 3, and 4.
This service DOES NOT run during term breaks, summer semester, or public holidays. Should you require transport outside of these terms please speak to a faculty administration manager to find out if a van is operating.

Download a bus timetable

Student Rules and Regulations

You are responsible for noting the expiration date and renewing your student ID card when necessary.

  • New student ID cards are generally available on a same-day basis, however, during peak enrolment times, it may take up to two days to process your new card, barring any delay in your enrolment process.

On all transport services your student ID photo must be clearly shown to the driver upon boarding the bus or van.

  • You WILL NOT be allowed to board without a current student ID card*.

*If you are using transport services from Taupo, Tokoroa, or Whakatane and you do not yet have your student ID card, please take your acceptance letter to your campus or faculty administrator to endorse your letter. This will provide eligibility to use the transport services. You MUST provide the endorsed acceptance letter and a form of photo ID to the transport driver. These two items may be used until you receive your student ID card.

Your student ID card will be confiscated if it is defaced or misused in any way (including giving it to others to use). You will be subject to disciplinary action which may include forfeiting your bus privileges.

  • A replace student ID card is $25 (NZD).

For assistance with student ID cards contact the Mokoia Campus library staff, N Block, Level 3.

While using any bus service

It is common courtesy on all bus services to offer your seat for persons who are elderly, pregnant, disabled, and those less likely to be able to safely stand on a moving bus.
Please be considerate and offer assistance if you see someone who may require it, and be respectful of your fellow travellers regardless of where they are going.

For questions about the bus schedules/timetables or any busing issues, contact Reesby Buses on 07 347 0098, or after hours on 021 444 871 (you may wish to add this number to your contacts).

Mokoia Campus Library Learning Centre Contact Details

  • Location:Level 3, N Block, Mokoia Campus
  • Phone:07 346 8805
  • Fax:07 346 8877
  • Email:library.mokoia@toiohomai.ac.nz
  • Hours:Monday–Thursday, 8am–6pm
    Friday, 8am–4.30pm
    Saturday, 9am–12pm
    Monday–Friday, 8am–4.30pm (holiday hours)
  • Web Page:Library (information page)
  • Map:Mokoia Campus Map (533.8 KB updated 02-May-2017)

Page last updated: 28 Aug 2017