Bachelor of Creative Technologies

Programme details

Translation Tohu Paetahi Hangarau Auaha
Code WR3116
Level 7
Credits 360
Duration 3 years
Scholarship available Scholarships for School Leavers
Domestic student fee $6,340 (final year only)* (per year)
IntakesSemester 1, Semester 2
Study options Full-time, Part-time
LocationRotorua (Mokoia)
Further study Graduate Diploma in Creative Entrepreneurship
*Fees are applicable to study in 2017 and are indicative only; fees will vary depending on the courses selected, and/or course-related costs where applicable.
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Information for international students

Tuition fee$19,950
Minimum IELTS6 with no band less than 5.5
Duration (length of study)3 years
Application Checklist and RequirementsView the information page to see what documents you must supply with your application.
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Programme aim

Scholarships for School Leavers available

This is an exciting degree where you have the ability to tailor your learning to align with your personal career goals. If you’ve completed our Level 5 and 6 diplomas in arts and design, you’ll have just one year of full-time study remaining in order to gain the Bachelor of Creative Technologies.

During this final year of study, you will hone your skills as you work toward your professional practice, creating your unique style and learning how to market yourself and your work. You will work independently and with others in a studio environment where you will direct your learning and focus. Our staff are here to support you to achieve your goals, whether it be in product, fashion, textiles, interior, fine art, digital art, sculpture, painting or any other creative practice.

You’ll further develop your research and analytical skills, enabling you to more confidently identify opportunities, systems and strategies for establishing a sustainable business within the creative sector.

Career opportunities

Graphic designer, museum or gallery worker, independent studio or public works artist, artist’s assistant, retail display designer, printer, photographer, photographer’s assistant, tertiary teacher of art and design; self-employed practising artist or designer; candidate for postgraduate study

Award information

To achieve the award of the Bachelor of Creative Technologie, you must pass a total of 360 credits.

Knowledge and skills you will gain

Graduates within their creative technologies discipline will be able to:

  1. Apply creative thinking skills, theoretical knowledge and specialised skills to generate innovative creative works.
  2. Critically analyse information and apply research skills to develop and refine ideas, towards producing creative outputs.
  3. Demonstrate professional and ethical business practices and prepare for selected career.
  4. Sustain a studio practice employing principles of analytical and critical investigation and experimentation.
  5. Demonstrate intellectual independence, critical thinking and analytic rigour when evaluating own work and the work of others.
  6. Inventively apply traditional and emerging technologies to create solutions for real world design challenges.
  7. Work effectively both independently and collaboratively to manage project briefs from inception to completion.
  8. Effectively communicate to a range of audiences using a variety of strategies.
  9. Identify business opportunities, systems and strategies for small business concepts, products or services within the creative sector being cognisant of sustainability.
  10. Identify personal values and position relative to political, social, bicultural, economic and environmental frameworks that impact on creative work within Aotearoa New Zealand.
  11. Produce a range of practice‐based innovative outputs/works informed by contemporary and historic contexts.
  12. Apply technical skills utilising emergent technologies and professional competencies using project management skills.

Entry criteria

 Admission and entry requirements for this qualification are in accordance with the academic regulations.

  • Applicants must be 17 years of age or over.
  • Applicants must be New Zealand citizens, permanent residents or have the requisite visa for study purposes.
  • Students must be able to demonstrate adequate literacy and/or numeracy skills to enable them to meet all academic and health and safety requirements of the programme/course on which they enrol

New Zealand citizen or permanent resident applicants under 20 years old:

  • University Entrance; or
  • Evidence of recent study at Level 4 or higher on the NZQF.

New Zealand citizen or permanent resident applicants 20 years old and over:

  • Demonstrated academic ability (at NZQF Level 4 or equivalent) to undertake the Bachelor of Creative Technologies programme and have the ability to succeed through personal attributes, work and life experience.

International applicants:

  • Must have evidence of academic achievement at least equivalent to University Entrance as approved by the International Education Department.

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Compulsory courses

Year 1

Course details
CREA.5101 Creative Context: Horopaki Auaha
The aim of this course is to provide students with an initial experience of project-based learning. Students will be introduced to the methods, processes and language of drawing and design. Students will orientate themselves in relation to other designers and artists, as well as to the context of visual arts...
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 1
CREA.5102 Creative Technologies I: Hangarau Auaha I
The aim of this course is to develop students’ skills and knowledge across a range of digital software and relevant technologies used within the creative industries. Students will work with a given brief to research and develop concepts which are communciated in a visual format.
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 1
CREA.5103 Art and Design in Aotearoa: Mahi Toi, Hoahoa i Aotearoa
Students will gain knowledge of New Zealand art and design including influential artists, designers and craftspeople. Students will gain both practical and theoretical knowledge of art and design practices, culminating in the development of a personal design response that reflects their own cultural perspective and references one or more aspects...
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 1
CREA.5104 The Hub: Wānanga
The aim of this course is to introduce students to a variety of hands-on practical workshops where they can learn and experiment with a range of materials and techniques, and contribute to a collaborative project. The workshops will cover a broad range of creative disciplines allowing students to gain and...
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 1
CREA.5105 World of Pattern: Ngā Tauira o te Ao
Students will explore digital and manual creative processes for the application of pattern on a variety of surfaces. Students will conduct and document research of patterns and motifs from a historical, contemporary and cultural context.
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 2
CREA.5106 Self-representation: Te Whakakitenga nō Nanahi, ki Tua
Students will explore their background and self to express and develop a vision of where they want to be in the future. Students will investigate self-representation through a range of media, communication strategies and developing an online presence.
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 2
CREA.5107 Materials, Form, Structure: Ngā Rawa, Āhua, Hanganga
The aim of this course is to introduce students to a variety of materials and processes, and enable experimentation with form and structure through a range of workshops. Students will situate their work in relation to historical, cultural, contemporary or futuristic spatial structures to inform the development of innovative three-dimensional...
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 2
CREA.5108 The Foundry: Te Orokohanga
The aim of this course is introduce students to project development and management from initial conception to presentation. Students will select their area of emphasis based on individual interests and goals, and will participate in a range of workshops to further develop their skills and knowledge. Students will bring together...
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 2

Year 2

Course details
CREA.6101 Business Skills for Creative Entrepreneurs: Pūmanawa Pakihi mō ngā Rakahinonga Auaha
The aim of this course is to introduce students to fundamental knowledge and skills for establishing a creative business. Students will examine a range of business structures and models, local and global production and distribution processes, and financial and legislative requirements relevant to creative industries. A core focus of this...
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 1
CREA.6102 History, Culture, Context: Kōrero Tuku Iho, Ahurea, Horopaki
Students will develop analytical skills and critical thinking on historical and contemporary theories and practices relevant to creative contexts. Students will also examine indigenous, local and global traditions, historical movements and milestones, and ethnic and cultural influences on creative practice, including Te Tiriti o Waitangi/the Treaty of Waitangi.
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 1
CREA.6103 The Furnace: Te Ahi
The aim of this course is to extend student knowledge and skill through participation in a range of workshops. Students will work with a specified brief to develop ideas and concepts through research and experimentation with materials, process and techniques. Students will conduct research to inform their own work and...
Credits 30 Intakes Semester 1
CREA.6104 Creative Technologies II: Hangarau Auaha II
The aim of this course is to develop enhanced capability in the use of digital technologies and their application to create design outputs using a range of media.
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 2
CREA.6105 Sustainable Design: Hoahoa Toitū
The aim of this course is enhance students’ knowledge of sustainability, and to identify sustainable and unsustainable practices in relation to creative and related industries. Students will develop a design solution or service which addresses key issues affecting the industry which is informed by sustainable design principles.
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 2
CREA.6106 The Creative Project: Te Kaupapa Auaha
The aim of this course is to generate a creative project in response to a community brief or from self-initiated ideas. Students will develop their professional practice by adherence to a project management plan, and the rationalisation of the concepts that underpin it.
Credits 30 Intakes Semester 2

Year 3

Course details
CREA.7101 Creative Incubator: Pūrereawhi Auaha
The aim of this course is to equip students with the skills and knowledge to research and analyse potential markets for future business opportunities. Students will apply creative thinking skills to develop a commercially viable idea for a product or service, including a business plan, and communicate the idea to...
Credits 30 Intakes Semester 1
CREA.7102 Competition Project: Kaupapa Tauwhāinga
The aim of this course is to provide students with the experience to carry out an authentic project by participating in a visual arts or design competition, either locally, nationally or internationally. The project can be completed individually or collaboratively. Students will be responsible for taking all the required steps...
Credits 30 Intakes Semester 1
CREA.7103 The Refinery: Te Mahi Whakapakari, Whakaniko
Students will investigate and focus upon skill development in a self-identified area of interest. Students will conduct and assimilate relevant research to extend and enhance their practice. They will also conduct and progress a largely self-directed studio practice in which experimentation is the focus.
Credits 30 Intakes Semester 1
CREA.7104 The Innovation – Proposal: Te Hiringa - Te Tono
The aim of this course is to develop student capability in researching, developing and presenting a project proposal for a significant creative work which may be focused on an industry, self-initiated brief, internship or a combination of these. Students will critically analyse and contextualise the proposed creative work and its...
Credits 15 Intakes Semester 2
CREA.7105 The Innovation – Creative Project: Te Hiringa – Kaupapa Auaha
Students will explore, experiment and further develop advanced technical skills, sustained research and knowledge through the generation of a creative project completed to an industry standard. Students will develop a creative work which may be focused on an industry, self-initiated brief, internship or combination of these. The work may be...
Credits 30 Intakes Semester 2

*Course cost: Standard fee for New Zealand residents only. Fees for non-New Zealand residents will vary, visit the International Programmes and Tuition Fees information page.

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