New Zealand Diploma in hospitality Management (Level 6)

Programme details

Code NZ2540
Level 6
Credits 120
Duration 1 year
IntakesSemester 1, Semester 2
Study options Full-time, Part-time
LocationRotorua (Mokoia)
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Programme aim

This programme includes the following content:

  • Cultural dimensions of tourism and hospitality; cultural dynamics, changes and conflicts for destinations.
  • Tourism and hospitality staff development and retention; performance and progression; leadership.
  • Innovation in food and beverage; historical, contemporary and indigenous gastronomy; issues, traditions and influences; food philosophies and sustainable systems; food and beverage tourism; entrepreneurism.
  • Managing venues for hospitality events and functions; venue size and facilities; type of events and functions; event bidding, planning and yield management.
  • Planning for sustainable tourism and hospitality enterprise; scoping business concepts; business planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Product and service development for the tourism and hospitality industry; pricing strategies and value creation; product portfolios and brand strategies; competitive position; channel selection; target markets.
  • Introduction to tourism and hospitality enterprise and investment; determining new ventures and opportunities for growth and development; introductory financial analysis, planning and cost management.
  • Hotel management and leadership; organisation, functions and services; ownership models; hotel development and trends; performance measurement and financial management.

Career opportunities

Senior roles in the tourism and travel industry including business owners, tourism operations advisors/managers, business development co ordinators/managers, trade development advisors/managers, general managers

Entry criteria

Admission and entry requirements for this qualification are in accordance with the academic regulations including:

  • level 5 related qualification or equivalent; or
  • level 4 related qualification and relevant work experience; or
  • evidence of ability to meet academic requirements; and
  • evidence of English language competency where English is not a first language.

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Compulsory courses

Course CodeCourse Title
HOST.6101 Cultural Dimensions of Tourism and Hospitality
HOST.6102 Tourism and Hospitality Staff Development and Retention
HOST.6103 Innovation in Food and Beverage
HOST.6104 Managing Venues for Hospitality Events
HOST.6107 Planning for Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Enterprise
HOST.6108 Product Development for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
HOST.6109 Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality Enterprise and Investment
HOST.6110 Hotel Management

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