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Creative Careers banner image With the varied skill set needed, having an interior design qualification is quickly becoming essential for those wishing to enter this competitive field in the job market. Qualified designers are also in demand in many areas all across the building industry.


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If you love to express yourself visually, if you’re constantly coming up with new ideas and designs, if you just can’t wait to get into the studio or onto the computer, pursuing a career as an artist is certainly possible if you have the passion and drive.
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Beauty Therapy

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Beauty and spa therapy is one of the fastest growing industries and our graduates are highly sought after. There are many career opportunities and if you want one where you could work locally, internationally, or on cruise ships, then study with us and learn from the best.
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Understanding the facets of running a business is important for today’s creatives who wish to become successful professionals. Six new programmes, from certificate level up to a graduate diploma, have been created to give students the tools to support themselves by understanding online media, marketing, product placement, price and more.
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If you’re interested in a creative, diverse career with opportunities to travel the world or start your own business, then studying fashion technology at is a great option. Our programmes allow you to take elective courses such as photography, web design, marketing or business to ensure you have the options to individualise your learning and help you reach your career goals.
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Do you enjoy helping people look and feel their best? Clients may come to you to for a new look for a special event. Or they may be looking to pamper themselves and feel great. If you are creative, love working with people and have lots of ambition, a career in hairdressing or beauty therapy could become your pathway to travel and success.
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Interior Design

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A career with a creative outlet and excellent employment prospects, there’s no shortage of opportunities in the interior design industry due to a growing demand. Speciality design areas can include kitchen design, textile design, designing for hotels and motels, and more.
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Creative and talented singers and musicians will always be sought after and can earn great money, enjoy world travel and lots of perks. It’s hard work, too, but can certainly pay off if you have focus, drive and determination.
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