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Māori Studies Careers banner image Several New Zealand government initiatives are focused on Māori development, including Māori economy, health and wellbeing, employment, and a Māori language strategy. This approach to create better outcomes in Māori economic, cultural and social development relies on knowledgeable and passionate leaders in these areas.

Te Reo Māori

There is also a range of opportunities and settings available for professional positions within Māori organisations where possessing knowledge and fluency in te reo Māori would be essential or preferred. Employment can be found in public agencies, private businesses, hospitals and clinics, private practices, police departments, courts and many other interesting workplaces.Schools in particular are seeking teachers who are fluent speakers of te reo Māori. Waiariki’s lecturers have years of experience in the areas of te reo me ona tikanga and are passionate about passing on their knowledge to their students.

Maori Studies

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With the settlement of Treaty of Waitangi claims, iwi are now custodians of very significant assets – economic, environmental and cultural. There is a strong demand for employees with experience in the area of Māori development both within the Waiariki rohe and throughout New Zealand, with seemingly endless career options for graduates who have a passion for the development of Māori people. Māori organisations will increasingly rely on competent managers, team leaders, mentors and staff at all levels in order to operate efficiently and successfully.
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