Destination Rotorua

Experience the warmth of a living culture in Rotorua, the heartland of New Zealand's Maori culture. Enveloping warmth, a proud spirit, a deep sense of history and a quick humour, qualities you will experience in your interaction with local Maori.

One of the things that strikes most newcomers (other than the distinctive sulphur smell that is noticeable for the first day or two) is the high quality of both private and public gardens and the standard of maintenance of most homes and other buildings. It’s a mark of the pride that we, the people of Rotorua, take in our city and our community.


Being centrally-located in the North Island of New Zealand, Rotorua is a 45-minute drive to some of New Zealand's best beaches. Venture a little further for skiing, wine-tasting and sight-seeing, all within easy reach.

Iconic experiences 

Rotorua boasts an array of iconic experiences that encapsulate the spirit of this remarkable country.

Top tourist destination 

Renowned for its friendliness, geothermal activity and Maori culture, Rotorua hosts well over 1.5 million visitors each year making it New Zealand's most visited tourist destination. International students have been part of the city for years and their contribution to the city's culture is welcomed and valued.

Mokoia Campus is just 5km from the city centre of Rotorua, with free bus travel offered to all students travelling between our campus and the city centre is easy.

Rotorua Quick Guide

  • Population: 70,000
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Average summer temperature: 25ºC
  • Average winter temperature: 12ºC
  • What you can experience: Maori culture, geothermal activity, natural spas and therapeutic waters, spectacular scenery, mountain biking and walking in the forests, playing golf, kayaking and rafting on the rivers and lakes, trout fishing, enjoy the thrills of Rotorua's adventure playground, eat at great cafés, attend cultural festivals, sporting events, museum of history and art
  • Major industries: Agriculture, forestry, tourism and hospitality, education, manufacturing, construction, transport and engineering
  • What to pack for summer: lightweight clothing and layers, walking shoes, clothes for the outdoors, jandals and sunglasses;
  • What to pack for winter: warm woollen clothes, waterproof jacket, hat, gloves and scarf
  • Closest airports (international travel):

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Page last updated: 02 May 2017