Compliments, Complaints & Student Code of Practice


We are happy to receive and respond to positive feedback, and welcome your thoughts about things that are going well.

If you have positive feedback for us please email us with 'Compliments' in the subject line.

Concerns and Complaints

We support the early resolution of any matters related to our students, staff, facilities or qualifications.

If you feel your rights are not being recognised OR if someone is not upholding their responsibilities within the Student Code of Conduct, you should follow the process outlined in your student diary.

Members of the Public
If you have concerns or wish to lodge a complaint about a student, staff member, or an aspect of our operations, please email us with 'Public Concern/Complaint' in the subject line.

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  • This form is for general enquiries or feedback
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  • If you have a study specific enquiry please use the enquire now button within our Study Options area. This can be found in the right hand column and after each programme or course aim.

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Page last updated: 02 May 2017