Smoke Free Environment Procedure


To ensure a smoke-free environment in all areas of study and work. This shall be accomplished by:

  • promoting the health and well-being of people on all campuses, and sites of education and training delivery;
  • providing protection from tobacco smoke, except in the areas designated for smoking which will be identified and sign-posted on all campuses;
  • meeting the requirements of the Smoke-Free Environments Act 1990; and
  • not selling any tobacco products and/or accessories.


All staff, students, visitors, contractors and consultants.


  • Smoking is not permitted in any buildings under the control of Toi Ohomai at any location including all work areas, walkways and entrance ways to buildings.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any vehicle being used on Toi Ohomai business.
  • The Kaiwhata Restaurant on Mokoia Campus, being a hospitality venue, is a licensed premises. Smoking is not permitted in the restaurant, however, the outdoor deck area adjoined to the restaurant is a designated smoking area for paying customers only.
  • There will be no smoking during outdoor teaching/class activities.
  • If teaching activities or education delivery takes place at another provider’s site then staff and students will be subject to the policy and rules of that provider in relation to smoking.
  • Smoking cessation information and support is available our health centres.
  • The Smoke Free Environment Procedure will be outlined in both the student and staff handbooks.
  • Staff and students are entitled to request that smokers do not smoke in any areas that are not designated areas.

Policy last modified: Wednesday 07 December 2016

Page last updated: 02 May 2017