Department of Business

The Department of Business offers programmes suitable for business administration and business management.

Broad overview of business gained

Business Administrators are the glue that hold an organisation together. It's these people that often have an overview of all the activities happening within an organisation, especially the small to medium size businesses predominant in our rohe. This is why our business administration courses provide you with such a wide range of business skills:

Become a valuable asset to employers

These are marketable skills that will immediately make you a valuable asset to potential employers. Basic business skills are necessary as you take your first steps into a business career and a good launchpad into our higher level management qualifications.

Learn skills that enable you to lead

The study of Business Management at Waiariki is about unlimited possibilities. Business skills are essential in all types of industries, from adventure tourism to computer programming, from the creative advertising office to the details focused office of the accountant. Business management is about a select few taking the lead and making a real change in an organisation. Our business courses allow you to develop the skills for the following roles:

We have qualifications for school leavers and people looking to get back into the workforce, those seeking diplomas and degrees - right up to the Masters level.

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