Adam Marsh Scores A Trifecta of Qualifications With Waiariki

09 Apr 2015

Taupo’s Adam (Arama) Marsh is aiming for a trifecta. Having completed his Certificate in Practical Logging and Certificate in Vocational Skills (C.V.S.) with Waiariki, he is now hard into his Diploma in Culinary Arts (Level 4)and setting his sights on what lies beyond.

“All my uncles and my koro were in that sort of industry” says Adam on what inspired him to take up forestry initially. “They were either mill workers or something along the lines of timber, so I just grew up thinking that would be a good career path.

“Then I found out when I was going to apply for jobs, every single one of them asked if I had NCEA Level 1 and 2. So I thought that would be good to get under my belt and Waiariki provided that for me” Adam continues, highlighting the benefits of C.V.S. – a free course at all Waiariki campuses.

"Coming from Taupo there’s a lot of forestry work. So that means studying logging was ideal at the time, but I’ve always wanted to be a chef. It’s good to have other qualifications under my belt, but now I’m pursuing my true childhood dream.

"I’ve always loved cooking and I have a palette when it comes to picking out herbs and spices used by my aunties and uncles. As I used to always be in the kitchen asking ‘can I do the taste test’ - that kind of carry on."

Saying his friends and family have been awesome in their support, even “giving me a kick up the bum when I need it”, Adam has his goal of eventually owning his own restaurant firmly in sight.

“Everybody has something that they have or want to do, so it’s just a matter of truly finding out what that is and then pursuing those dreams - no hesitation, no excuses - just head down and get it done. Then whatever you want can be yours.”

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