Hairdressing Students Recognised With Adult Learner Awards

30 Sep 2015

At the recent Adult Learners Awards in Taupo, two of our local Waiariki Certificate in Hairdressing students proved a cut above the rest. We spoke with Nen and Summer Twentyman about their success and why a hairdressing career is exactly their colour.

“Being in a new country, I found myself quite isolated. I thought if I can work in the hair industry I can meet other women,” says Nen Mackintosh on her inspiration to enroll.

“Hairdressing is a very social industry, and it is quite nice to be out there helping make women feel very pretty and lifting your client’s self-esteem.”

Receiving her Adult Learner award in recognition of having taken three titles in regards to this year’s regional Dolly Competitions, punctuality, customer service and a continuous high standard of work, the modest year one student says she continually learns every day.

“I love Waiariki. Every morning I can't wait to get up in the morning and go to see all my classmates. My tutor, Liz Painter is awesome. She understands us. Most of us have children and sometimes they get sick, Liz understands that. She is just lovely.”

Having landed a job even prior to graduation, at GHQ Hair in Taupo, second year student Summer Twentyman is already well on the way to a successful career.

“You've got to start from the ground and work your way up, but I have just had my first client sign with me and rebook, so that's always good milestone to get under your belt.”

Arty by nature, Summer left a seven year career in the local tourism sector, attracted by hairdressing’s creativity, flexibility, and non-repetitive nature, as she eyes the variety of career options the industry offers for her future.

Nominated for her enthusiasm and always giving 110%, through the likes of volunteering for committees, competing in non-Waiariki related competitions at her own expense in order to gain experience, as well as instigating a health and fitness programme for students and staff, Summer is glad to all who supported her in achieving this recognition.

“While the tutors are great, I also have to give credit to the clients who walk in. It’s not always easy stepping in and letting students do your hair, but without them, we wouldn't get through.”

“I've got a six year old daughter, so there have been times I've really relied on the support of my mum, dad and family. Along with my friends, they have been really good at coming in and being clients,” she says with a smile, revealing this is the second year in a row she has won an adult learners award

“Everyone in my class could have been given this award. As hairdressers we all strive to be perfectionists - we are very emotional people.”

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