Kharl-William Wirepa Heads For New Zealand Fashion Week

26 Jun 2014

For most of us, taking our craft to the top showcase in the country would have us all on cloud nine. Kharl-William Wirepa however is keeping his feet firmly planted. Despite winning the chance to display his collection at New Zealand Fashion week through the Miromoda competition, he still has assessments, clients, a job and all the aspects that make up day-to-day life to get through first.

“It was all very overwhelming, I’m still in shock, I couldn’t believe that I won.” Says Kharl speaking on being awarded both Supreme Award Winner and Best Emerging Designer at the prestigious Maori fashion competition. “Solely because the designers I competed against were established and had been doing fashion for so many years, some for decades. I was just totally astounded that Dame Pieter Stewart thought that I was good enough for the prize, because I didn’t. I always see the flaws in my own work that no one else can see.”

Embarking on re-sowing his entire six-piece collection “The Art of Fame”, in order to offer the judges of New Zealand Fashion Week garments of an even higher quality, Kharl states his perspective on design has remained unchanged.

His perspective on achieving two high-profile awards and invites to two exclusive festivals on the kiwi fashion calendar while still a student at Waiariki, not so. “It’s absolutely terrifying. I’m more terrified than excited, because now I am expected to be on the relentless pursuit to find the next best thing. I always have nerves about everything. People see me as this person with all this glamour and confidence, but I’m really just from the hood… and nervous (laughs).”

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