Joshua Jellard Nails His Carpentry Goals With Waiariki

10 Nov 2014

Joshua Pedro Gapit Jellard has worked hard in the construction industry over the last five years and now his efforts have paid off, as he has finally achieved his National Certificate in Carpentry (Level 4) through Waiariki.

The certificate, which allows students to learn theory through evening classes and on-site learning, while employed in a trade apprenticeship, was the answer to a prayer for Joshua.

“I wanted to get into building, but I didn't know quite how. I was looking for an apprenticeship, but just couldn't find one. So I heard about the qualification at Waiariki and went and signed up. At the end of the year, working hard through my books and work experience, I actually ended up getting a job with the company I was doing work experience with.”

That ‘company’ is Rotorua’s Pederson Homes Limited, where manager, Graham Pederson shares his sense of pride in Joshua’s success.

“I’m really proud. Josh has been with me for nearly five years now and it has just been quite rewarding, having him come from being a work experience boy at Waiariki to fully-qualified now.

“It was one day a week for quite a while, but it was good, we could see him progressing. I've always been a believer of working on-site, doing practical over theory, and he’s had that good attitude. That’s what you really need in this job.”

As for Joshua, with the practical elements of his qualification assessed on-site, today’s certificate just further cements his passion for construction. “I love it aye. It is practical, I love the outdoors and I just don’t want to want to miss a day of this job, which is good. Waiariki set me up for doing the theory side of it and my family have been really supportive in helping me just get this far. Especially my wife. I just love it.”

(Pictured above from left; employer Graham Pederson, Joshua Jellard and Mike Fogarty, Waiariki Programme Area Lead Carpentry, Construction and Electrical celebrate Joshua's achievements).

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