Power Tool Virgin To House Builder, Carpentry Student, Korina Te Hou

28 Oct 2015

“When I first enrolled at Waiariki, I had never picked up a power tool.” says Certificate in Carpentry (Level Four) student, Korina Te Hou proudly (pictured, hi-vis vest). “I thought we’d be doing tables and chairs. Then my tutor, Ray Ellis said to me ‘Oh we start building the charity house February’, and I was like ‘Aye? Wow, cool!’

Korina took the opportunity to show her family the house she has helped create as a Waiariki student, alongside her fellow classmates from the areas of carpentry, electrical and interior design, at today’s well attended Waiariki Charity House Whanau Day.

“I’ve learnt so many skills over this time, but being able to see this house rise and show my whanau what I’ve been working on is just really awesome.”

Korina’s daughter in law, Tia Kahukura (pictured, right) was amazed that the home she stood inside had been built by students prior to their graduation.

“This house is so cool - I love the size of the rooms and the walk-in wardrobe,” she smiles. “I can picture everything I want to do with that wardrobe.”

The Charity House will be auctioned off on November 28th, 2015 for local charities.

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