Carpentry Student Stephanie Barnes Finds Her Foundations

12 Aug 2014

Being one of the first women on Waiariki’s Certificate in Carpentry hasn't stopped Stephanie Barnes from fitting in perfectly with her classmates, as they strive to build this year’s Waiariki Charity House.

"The qualification is absolutely enjoyable – fabulous” beams the passionate single mum of two girls, as she talks about her decision as an adult student to return to education. “Retraining has been a great opportunity for me, as a mature woman, to follow in the footsteps of my step dad who is a builder.”

Crediting her family as an invaluable support system, she goes on to say “I have a background in building with my step-father, I used to help him out all the time. Now to be able to do things for my mum, little building jobs, and for any other family members – jobs that need doing – is just great.”

With her goal of gaining an apprenticeship as a builder set in concrete, Stephanie loves how her class has come together as a unit. “I take my hat off to the tutors for their ability to engage and motivate the class. The way we all have just fitted in, it has been really, really awesome. I’d absolutely recommend it to anybody.”

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