Sport Scholarship Helps Cosmo Reach For The Stars

15 Jan 2016

Cosmo Bloor is looking forward to representing New Zealand in mountain bike racing this year.

Hospitalised in 2014, with his health severely affected, Cosmo’s new goal has come on the back of a year of recovery,  hard work and training. Training made possible thanks to the Waiariki Academy of Sport Scholarship he received from Waiariki Institute of Technology in 2015.

One in a series of unique scholarships which allow students to gain an industry recognised tertiary qualification, while receiving professional coaching for their sporting career.

In Cosmo’s case, his scholarship allowed him to enrol upon Waiariki’s Certificate in Applied Sport and Exercise Studies (Sport Management and Coaching), while receiving personal mentoring for his mountain bike career from international mountain biking athlete, Sam Thompson.

“I had left school and became a fully qualified bike mechanic,” says Cosmo. “Although it was an amazing job, I felt like I had put myself at a disadvantage by not completing a tertiary education.”

Having moved from Auckland to take up the scholarship, he states the fears of relocating and returning to education after a two year gap were squashed by the “invaluable” support he received.

“Waiariki has people to help you get started, to help you learn and to help you find your place in the community. The aid that I have received with my qualification, my personal training and the use of great facilities like the Waiariki REC centre is just amazing.”

Having now passed his certificate with high grades, Cosmo feels he has proved his ability to succeed academically to himself, and will return to Waiariki in 2016 to study towards his diploma. However he won’t be returning alone.

“I’ve actually convinced my girlfriend to move down from Auckland to study at Waiariki too. She will be applying for the 2016 scholarships.

“Having seen the immediate effect that all I have learnt has had on me, she now also wants to take her sporting career forward while studying at the same time, so for her this is perfect.”

Eventually hoping to become a coach and help athletes to improve their abilities, Cosmo urges others to apply for this year’s scholarships.

“New Zealand being such a small country, doesn’t invest a huge amount of money into certain sports, so an opportunity like this is just huge.

“Most importantly, alongside your personal improvement, these scholarships offer you a tertiary education in any field, so you actually have a better chance for a brighter future.” 

The Waiariki Academy of Sport Scholarships 2016 are available to students enrolling into any area of study. Apply below before 4.30pm January 30, 2016.

Photo credit: Christian Wafer

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