Graduate Deepak Nair Finds Hospitality Career In Stunning Te Anau

28 Apr 2015

Kerala, in the south of India is a long way from the Distinction Hotel and Villas in Te Anau, New Zealand, but that is the path Deepak Nair has travelled thanks to choosing to study the Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management at Waiariki Institute of Technology.

Adding to the hospitality skills he learnt in his native homeland, Kerala was inspired to join Waiariki due to our affordability and high level of international graduate students. Seeing an international qualification in hotel management key to his future career growth, he enrolled and hasn’t looked back.

“Waiariki was a memorable experience,” he recalls. “I was able to interact with students who represent different countries, cultures and customs, make good friends and interact with staff as I grew skills for my career.

“Being an international student the mode of teaching and doing assignments was different from the teaching methods practiced in India. First it made for some difficulties, but regularly attending classes and frequent contact with the lecturers overcame these challenges.”

In thanking all the helpful staff he met during his time at the institute he highlights the efforts of Waiariki’s Employability Centre, where Deb Bell and Nadene McClay arranged a part-time job at the Distinction in Rotorua for Deepak during his studies, a role that flowed onto his current full-time position as House Keeping Manager in the chain’s Te Anau arm.

“What I have achieved so far is due to the extensive support I got from my parents. I now dedicate my success to my parents, wife and daughter who live in India,” says Deepak humbly.

“I would also like to thank the General Manager and Assistant Executive Manager - Head Housekeeper of the Distinction Te Anau for providing me with this opportunity and the guidance of the Housekeeping Manager and General Manager of the Distinction Rotorua. Without their guidance I couldn’t have achieved this position.

“Te Anau is a small town compared with Rotorua,” he says of the South Island settlement in the picturesque Milford Sound. “The climate is colder and during winter there is the chance of snowfall. It also has a beautiful lake in the footstep of huge mountains.

“Waiariki gave me the idea of how to work in New Zealand. It helped shape my personality and interaction with employers. My advice to current students is to concentrate on studies, try not to miss classes, and be in good touch with lecturers and the Employability Centre,” he responds, highlighting that his journey is ongoing.

“I know there is far more to achieve, as I am only in the beginning of my managerial career in the hospitality industry.”

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