Diploma In Sport Helps Students Prepare For The Future

12 May 2014

With the Waiariki students of the NZXC Racing team currently competing in the World Championships, many are looking at their bikes in an all-new light. We spoke to NZXC teammate Dirk Peters and road cyclist Sam Phipps, about their choice to study Waiariki’s Diploma In Applied Sport and Exercise Leadership, and turn their passion for the peddles into an even stronger career.

Sam (above right): “I have been competing for about three years competitively. I was part of the Waiariki Academy of Sport in High School, and through that I was offered a scholarship to do this qualification. It’s pretty good aye. It’s teaching me a lot, so I can get better at my sport and have something to do after the sport ends.”

Dirk (above left): “I’m an athlete myself, so I thought this was a good way to learn a bit to help me with my sport, and potentially use it to get into coaching or something like that. I’d like a bit more knowledge in sport and exercise to help me get to the World Champs in future.”

Enrol Now! Waiariki’s Diploma In Applied Sport and Exercise Leadership (Sport Management and Coaching) is already looking for its next wave of students. Call 0800 924 274 to apply today or visit http://bit.ly/1j5nQ2Z for more information.

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