Mother of Four Takes to Early Childhood Education

28 Jan 2015

Four years ago, mother of two, Violet Raharuhi realised how much she enjoyed being around children and decided to look into where her passion could lead. Enrolling upon Waiariki’s Bachelor of Teaching Early Childhood Education, Violet has now graduated, become a mother of four and found herself full-time employment at Rotorua’s Little Darlings childcare.

Glad that she took the step to move out of a career in retail, Violet describes her time on the popular degree as a good journey. One that allowed her to meet new people, learn new things and be open minded about the learning process.

“The theories in how children learn and develop were really interesting. Understanding that, seeing that and recognising what they are doing so you can help them learn,” she says. “Play is really important – that’s how they learn, so it is just recognising what their interests are and then how you can scaffold that learning so it becomes something more meaningful.”

On the challenge of balancing degree level study with motherhood, Violet says “It was really hard. I relied on my partner quite a bit, I was quite lucky that I had him and a supportive family, that’s what got me through.

“I was pregnant in my last (and hardest) year. That’s when we were transitioning over from the diploma to the degree level, so we had to do extra papers on top of that. We had to do night classes and I was pregnant.”

Noting that late nights like those meant she didn’t get to spend as much time with her children as she would’ve liked, Violet sees that it was all worth it as she now gets to spend “real quality time” with her whanau.

“Just give it a go, that’s all you have to do,” she advises others who find themselves with a knack for being around children. “If I can do it with four kids – you just need to be focussed and if you really want it you can achieve it.”

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