Peer Support Key For Bachelor Of Early Childhood Education Star

20 May 2014

"I'm finding it hard, but at the same time it's made me find myself and feel like I'm someone. That I can achieve. It's made me find my feet and who I really am, cementing what I want to do as a career as well."

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education student, Karley Walker (second from right above), knows powerful. Based in Tokoroa and now studying the second year of her qualification at Mokoia Campus, she has had more than just study and travel to contend with.

"I travel to Mokoia four days a week. I'm coaching a netball team for my 10 year old girl. I'm working. I'm a solo mum of three and I've just recently come out of hospital with pneumonia, so things are quite full on, but I think that coming here every day is just one step forward to getting where I want to be." she says confidently.

"I've got three other classmates from Tok - (Hannah Strange (left), Zania Douglas (second from left), and Jamie Taylor (right)) - we call each other The Tok Whanau Group - which helps me and gets me where I want to be. Their support is just amazing really."

Citing her own peer support group as a key influence in her current successes, Karley also offers her own support and advice to other people contemplating a life-changing decision to study at Waiariki Institute of Technology.

"If you know what you want to do, do it no matter what. No matter what road's in your way, there is always an outcome. There's always going to be bumps, you've just got to find ways to overcome it, and once you do it's just so much better for you and you'll be happier in the long run."

To follow Karley's lead, and enrol on the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education for Semester 2, call 0800 924 274 today.

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