Hairdressing Alumna Andrea Delmarter Looks To Successful Summer

17 Nov 2014

“I am passionate about being creative. Fashion, art and hair – it just all comes together for me.”

Andrea Delmarter is finding a lot in life is coming together for her right now. Wanting to explore a career that was more in-tune with her creativity and passions, she turned to hairdressing. 

“I have wanted to be a hair stylist since I was seven.” 

Committing a few years to combine study and work, she recently achieved one of her biggest feats so far: completing the final exams for her National Certificate in Hairdressing.

Andrea says that travel abroad gave her the confidence to swap career paths for one more closely aligned with her passions. “I just went straight into it. I had to sacrifice a lot to do it, but it was worth every little step.”

Andrea came to Waiariki to study three third-year papers, which she completed during her second year at the Hairdressing Academy and while working full time.

“It was a full-on few years, but my passion lead me and I kept following that. With the support of everybody, I was successful. Sharlene Taylor at Waiariki helped me pursue my goals and I couldn’t have done it without the support from all my other tutors as well.”

Now an employee of The Loft Salon and Barbershop in Mount Maunganui, run by one of Andrea’s former Academy tutors Wendy Charlton, Andrea finds herself thriving once more.

“My boss is just great and I can see this place being a true success. It is just fun to be a part of.”

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