International Forest Management Students Excited By Career Options

14 Apr 2015

New Zealand’s forestry sector is a world leader, so it only makes sense that Waiariki attracts students from all over the world, looking to learn industry skills in the heart of the kiwi forestry empire, Rotorua. We sat down with Navneet Singh, Sursaman Singh and Arun, currently studying Waiariki’s Diploma in Forest Management, to get their thoughts on the popular qualification, one which highlights the true variety of careers the industry offers.

Navneet Singh was attracted to studying at Waiariki in order to gain the skills he needed to obtain one of the 'really skilled' positions he saw existing within our forestry industry and highlights the fieldwork built in to the diploma as both eye-opening and enjoyable.

“It is good to be able to get out of the classroom and see how forestry works on-site. We get regular field trips, we go to the ports, the forests and the different regions to study the different types of forestry management. In this industry you will never be in the forest all the time.”

“I suggest everybody comes here to study forest management,” he says with a smile.

“I wished to study in New Zealand and saw it had a demanding forestry sector,” says Arun. “As it seemed a pretty adventurous thing, I decided to come and study forestry in New Zealand at Waiariki - which seemed a popular place to study the skills of this industry.”

Noticing the uniqueness of our local forestry sector compared to that of his homeland's from the moment he got off the plane, Arun is enjoying being part of a busy and adventurous industry that is consistently on the lookout for new and talented workers for a variety of positions.

“It is difficult for everyone to study in a new country, but Waiariki and its staff are very friendly, so I felt very relaxed. Especially with the tutors being so helpful. I got into the environment easily.”

Sursaman Singh, now in his second year as a Waiariki student says “Rotorua is the safest place I have found all over the world, because there is no racism. The people are very friendly, the culture of New Zealand is also very good and the people are very helpful and cooperative.”

Highlighting that his classmates in the diploma are as helpful in helping him to understand and adjust to the culture of a new country and the course material as much as the tutors themselves, Sursaman hopes others will follow in his footsteps.

“I advise international students to come over here and study forestry. It has many job opportunities in many different areas like logging, line management, scaling, etc, and it is a good industry to choose for the future.”

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