It’s the ‘Life of Josutty’ for Waiariki's Delti Jeeson

16 Oct 2015

'Life of Josutty' has been a massive success in Indian cinemas. Millions of people have formed sell-out crowds to see the film, featuring one ordinary man who yields to pressure from his family. Opting not to marry his childhood sweetheart, but rather a kiwi nurse with whom he returns to Rotorua to live with, he then rediscovers ‘life’ in the process.

One of the film’s stars and current Waiariki student, Delti Jeeson, filmed her part while studying the Graduate Diploma in Mentoring and Professional Leadership. Set to graduate this year, Delti feels graduation will be her second ‘dream come true’ for 2015.

“Acting is my passion, especially in film,” says Delti, on the hit ‘family entertainer’. “My dream has been fulfilled with this drama. All the members of the crew were very helpful and supportive, especially director Jeethu Joseph. I always thank God that I was able to be a part of 'Life of Josutty'.”

Playing the daughter of the main character’s best friend, Delti enjoyed the role, which she was cast for after anchoring a TV community programme here in Rotorua back in April.

A TV anchor for an Entertainment This Week style show back in her native homeland, this modest star says that her own journey from India to New Zealand has also been one of happiness.

“It’s a wonderful experience here at Waiariki. There is a teamwork here - it’s not just a studying atmosphere, but like a family,” she reasons.

“In the early stages, it was very difficult to adjust to the New Zealand climate. However the international centre staff, the attentive tutors and my classmates at Waiariki supported me and gave me all this positive energy. That’s how I overcame my problems. Now I am happy and have found many new friends here.”

Highlighting that 'Life of Josutty' filmed many scenes in Rotorua, at a variety of her favourite locations, such as the redwood forest and lakefront, Delti adds one more to the list.

“Mokoia Campus is a really nice place. I like to spend my whole day here because I have made a lot of good friends. I enjoy studying here a lot.

“One of my friends from India called me after she saw 'Life of Josutty' and told me “Oh Delta, you are living in Rotorua?” When I replied that I was, she said “Oh it’s a beautiful place. Our next plan is to come and visit”, because they are so thrilled and influenced by the beauty they have seen of Rotorua in the film.

“This is why, like my family, I am so proud of me. Because I am in New Zealand, in Rotorua, and it is a beautiful place.”

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