Social Work Allows Jason Walker to Make a Positive Change

11 Nov 2015

“I saw a lot of people struggling in life, through my schooling, through my family and I always wanted to advocate for them to have a better life,” says Jason Walker, on his inspiration to enrol upon Waiariki’s Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences (Social Work), (now retitled Bachelor of Social Work).

“I just thought the world should be fairer towards people and wanted to be one of the faces that made that change happen.”

Motivated by the real life experiences that Waiariki’s social work tutors are able to draw from and the informative help that offers in terms of understanding and applying the qualification’s theories, Jason feels his sense of belonging led him to study at Waiariki.

“I always wanted to get my degree locally - that is something I will always be proud of. I originally enrolled in psychology at the University of Waikato, but then I came and had a look at the prospectus here.

“I wanted to come and study here to represent Waiariki, because this is where I am from and this is where I’ll always live.”

As we speak to him, Jason is also breathing a congratulatory sigh of relief “I just finished my degree about twenty minutes ago.”

Highlighting the strong practical placement that is ingrained within Waiariki’s social work degree as his most enjoyable element of the past three years, Jason will now graduate having already worked through ‘real world’ experience in youth justice at Te Maioha o Parekarangi, and in mental health with Te Ngako Community Mental Health.

“These placements really link our classroom theory with how it is applied in practice.

“At the beginning of both of my placements, I was actually pretty nervous and feeling inadequate, but I came out feeling really confident, knowing that I could help people.”

Stating that the tutors at Waiariki, his classmates and those in the years above and below his own provided a similar family environment to that the social work industry is known for, Jason has been encouraged by their support to take his learning even further post-graduation.

“I’m continuing my study with Waiariki next year, doing my Master of Management. That’s the area within social work I’d really like to get into as I feel like I can make more change from there.”

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