Jean Aroha Adams Follows Her Sister's Hairdressing Success

05 May 2015

Jean Aroha Adams started hairdressing at the age of 17, when a detour in life saw her swap cutting hair for milking cows. Over a decade later she has returned to her roots, inspired by her baby sister Ashleigh’s success as a Waiariki hairdressing graduate. "I had to enrol to and put my creative talent to the test.”

While she admits having to sacrifice attending some of her kids’ events was a tough call to make in order to follow her dreams, the mother of two never gave up and bet many challenges by keeping sight of her goals.

“My mum is my biggest supporter. She has been right beside me all the way and I wouldn't have done it without her, so thank you so much Mum for everything.”

Highlighting the practical salon training days and entering the regional Dolly Competitions during her time at Waiariki’s Taupo campus as a high, the bubbly graduate says nothing could beat enrolling in time to be there as her sister completed her final year (now employed as a Hairdresser in Tauranga) and sharing the student experience with her.

“I am so grateful for the amazing opportunities I had while training at Waiariki, and for my partner and those who supported or trained me. My tutors Kat and Liz were amazing.

“Now that I have graduated with my Waiariki Certificate in Hairdressing (Advanced), it feels amazing. I am so proud of myself, it is a big weight off my shoulders.”

Quickly snapped up by Patreece Corban to work at her Crèmebrulee Hair & Beauty salon, Jean describes her job as “wonderful”. With her gaze now firmly fixed on achieving her New Zealand Trade Certificate 2015 she advises “Reach for the stars. Work hard, stay focussed and you will reap what you sow.”

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