Study During Pregnancy Brings Career Success For Jenny Patterson

13 May 2015

Jenny Patterson was looking for a career change to match having relocated from Taupo to Rotorua. Selecting the business industry as her goal, she decided to get some formal qualifications behind her and turned to Waiariki.

“I felt Waiariki would be the best place for me to go and learn. That was one of the things that appealed to me about their New Zealand Diploma in Business, those skills are right here in Rotorua. You don’t need to move away to be successful.”

After graduating, Jenny decided to continue growing her skills during her second pregnancy by returning to Waiariki and carrying on towards a Bachelor of Applied Management. Thankfully Waiariki’s flexible study options made further learning while pregnant more manageable.

“I did paper by paper per semester and it fit in really well, being mother to a young family. Then six months after having my second child, a job opportunity came up at Rotorua Lakes Council. That was somewhere I had always thought about working, went for it and got the job.”

Having since risen through the departments of Council, Jenny is currently employed as a Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Destination Rotorua. 

“Waiariki gave me an understanding of all the different aspects of business,” she states highlighting areas such as operations, finances and marketing. The Bachelor has been very useful. I found tourism really relevant, as so much of what we do in Rotorua is based on that industry.”

Thanking her “very supportive partner”, Jenny says she couldn’t have done what she has without his support of her continuing her education and climbing the career ladder. “He manages the children, and is a chef” she smiles “So I get cooked dinners every night (laughs) which is really handy.”

Turning to advise others out there looking at considering their own change, Jenny continues “Dream big and just go for it. Whether you want to do a certificate, a diploma, degree or whatever, if you can fit it into your lifestyle, go for it - because it makes a huge positive change in your life.”

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