Culinary Arts Brings Out The Flavour Of Taupo's Jordane Peri

18 Mar 2015

“It’s not about money, it’s about doing something you like. I don’t care where I go, just as long as I learn the most I can, so I can succeed the most I can.”

When it comes to the kitchen, culinary arts student Jordane Peri is well aware of the ingredients needed to reach her own goals. Having recently graduated in our Taupo graduation ceremony, she has already started on to the next stage of the path towards her dream career.

“Graduating with my Certificate in Café Operations is exciting because I found my passion for food there. I found out I liked food before then obviously (laughs), but that qualification was my motivation to carry on I enjoyed it that much.

"This year I’m studying the New Zealand Certificate in Cookery, trying to get my level four, and then next year I’m looking forward to the challenge of going on to level five at Rotorua’s Mokoia Campus and getting my diploma.”

Through her tight-knit class and the qualification, Jordan says she has changed her view on the food around her. “As my skills have built up, I’ve become a bit of a food critic (laughs). The certificate opens up your perspective to food. It’s not just about ‘Oh that looks really nice’, it’s the technique, cleanliness and how it compares to all the other things you’ve learned.”

Bursting with confidence in her new found abilities, it is hard to think Jordane was ever shy. She repeatedly states she was, however after scoring a waitressing job with Yum Food Company (the catering company owned by her tutors, Sarah Hammersley and Prue Campbell), the mother of two feels interacting with the customers has fuelled her new bubbly persona.

“Sarah saw that I was reliable in coming to class, dedicated, and that’s how I got my job with her. It's shown me catering is a different side to hospitality. It’s made me realise people aren’t that scary (laughs).”

The motivated young mother of two also is proud of the ability to multi-task keeping both her own personal goals moving, as well as the needs of her children and family.

“My priorities are my kids, but how I am going to look after and take care of them is also a priority in itself,” she reasons. "Study at Waiariki is not that difficult to deal with. It has actually made me happier it helped me find who I wanted to be and where I wanted to get to in life.

Addressing potential MasterChefs she advises “Go for it. If you know what you need to do, you’ll get it done. Your goals aren’t going to sit around and wait.”

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