Employed Graduate, Joseph Andrews Backs Carpentry At Waiariki

21 May 2015

“Construction was the only subject that I got into in school and enjoyed. That and engineering. I didn't like sitting in a classroom, so I thought I may as well follow that.”

And follow that Joseph Andrews did. When a move to Auckland failed to impress, he was struck with the idea of returning to Waiariki to enrol in the Certificate in Carpentry.

“I like being able to look back and see that you have actually achieved something, not just written in a class textbook.”

Crediting his tutor Ray Ellis as a brilliant teacher, from whom he learned a lot and shared plenty of laughs, Joseph still marvels over working on building Waiariki's annual Charity House project.

“The course was real good, but I never expected that a place would let people with no experience do anything like that.

“Building a house is what all of us think being a builder is going to be. So if you go anywhere else to study and you don't build a house, you’re just wasting your time really. You'd go onto a building site and not know anything about it.

“At Waiariki, you learn practically and learn what you actually need to do’ so it is cool.”

Quick to find full-time employment at current Charity House partner Lee Brothers Cabinets & Joinery, after graduation, Joseph says he was “stoked” to be chosen from all the other applicants.

“Waiariki definitely helped me get this job,” he says proudly, leading into the support of his family. “My dad's real happy. Before this my main job was McDonald's, just getting me money to get through school and stuff, so now I'm actually doing something towards a career. Yeah, I’m real stoked.”

“I think for Joe this is his big break. It is a big deal for him and it shows every day that he is here. I'm really impressed,” says manager Paul Ingram.

Stating Joseph’s experience on the Charity House project “definitely helped” in his decision, Paul feels Waiariki’s carpentry qualifications had given Joe a headstart in the construction industry.

“Joe is doing a great job and has a really good work ethic. He's learning fast and listening. As he's already responsible for some fairly expensive machinery, he is doing really, really well.”

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