Adventure Tourism Graduate Turns Outdoor Passion Into A Career

09 Jun 2016

You’ve seen him on our billboards, but Kane Nikora is his own success story. Employed with Kaitiaki Adventures just one month after graduating from Waiariki’s Certificate in Adventure Tourism, he still remembers the days when his future direction wasn’t so clear.

“It was actually my partner who pointed the way. I hadn’t found a career path that suited me, so she helped me find my strengths; hands-on, outgoing, love my outdoors.

“Then she said ‘adventure tourism looks like a good career for you’ and we both applied online and went from there.”

Kane instantly found the qualification a natural fit.

“The courses were jam-packed with adventure and had this huge family environment, which I loved. The thrill-seeking you experience and the smiles you see on clients just creates this great atmosphere.

“You also meet a lot of great people from the industry while you study and no two days are ever the same.”

Crediting part of being employed so quickly after his graduation to maintaining a strong work ethic throughout his year of study, Kane rightly labels his success ‘a huge accomplishment’.

“After you’ve graduated, it all comes down to your self-motivation, how hard you want to push for your career. Some people would use this qualification just to find themselves, but for me personally I used it to find a career, so I pushed real hard.

“My tutors saw this and they pushed me even further. They said ‘Yeah, bro, this is you. You can do it, you can get anywhere you want’ and with their aroha I got a lot further than I would have expected to.”

Thanking his partner and tutors Nikki Kelly, Steven Wall and Nick Chater, Kane says their support both in and outside the classroom got him to where he is today.

“If you love the outdoors, Waiariki is definitely the one for you.”

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