Arts Alumna Mahora Massey Excited To Be Part Of Scott Park Project

09 Feb 2015

Mahora Massey is wrapt that the painted murals she has just helped complete are going to join those made by other Waiariki art students on permanent display in Rotorua’s Scott Park. Each mural is done in partnership with one of a variety of local schools and community groups, who supply both the brief and their mural’s finishing touches.

“It is absolutely awesome to be a part of this project and having my work out in public,” Mahora smiles. “This is the whole point of art, so it feels great.”

Having just completed Waiariki’s Diploma in Art and Design (Advanced) last year, this artistic alumni says she was drawn to be a part of the high-profile assignment by the ability to work with the community and do work on a large scale.

While the mural she worked on with her classmates in conjunction with Redwood Retirement Village is centred around the Maori legend of the three baskets of knowledge, the mural featured above was done together with the local community gardens and focusses on ‘a sense of belonging’.

“We asked what 'belonging' meant to them and quite a few came back with ‘Mokoia Island’. When you are at Scott Park, you can look out and see Mokoia. So for them, when they’ve been away, it’s when they see Mokoia Island that they feel they are home.”

Inspired by street art and what she learned by studying street artists in her final year at Waiariki, Mahora has now returned to our Mokoia Campus as motivated autistic student, Kyle Burling’s class aide.

“It is funny. I have actually studied with Kyle for two years now, so to get to be his support worker, there is actually not that much of a transition. When you work together in a classroom you are always feeding off each other’s passion and feedback. That has just carried on.”

Mahora’s mural as well as those of her classmates will be unveiled at Scott Park on the 28th of February 2015.

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