Returning To Study Provides Sweet Treat For Culinary Arts Student

22 Apr 2015

“I’ve been in and out of kitchens for 25 years without qualifications, and it has got to a point where I want a qualification so it takes me from a cowboy to a chef,” says Taupo’s Mark Dalzell.

Having previously studied the Certificate in CafĂ© Operations at Waiariki’s Taupo campus, Mark has his sights set on completing his New Zealand Certificate in Cookery, and following on at Waiariki by focusing on patisserie in his second year.

“I am finding the shift from leaving work and returning to study good. I learn something new every day here - all the fundamentals - and that is really contributing to my experience, professionalising it.”

“It is pretty much about needing to take a step back to move forward,” he continues when asked about any nerves in making the transition. “Coming out of paid employment, my finances are lower, but in the end it will be worth it, so it is just making that sacrifice.

“The sooner you can enrol and turn your passion into a career the better. Once you’re finished and qualified you have got your whole life ahead of you to concentrate on your career. If you hesitate and bounce in and out like I have, the end result is just going to take a lot longer."

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