From Dad's Garage To Employment, Mereana's Waiariki Story

02 Feb 2016

Mereana Holley-Wall is an employed graduate of Waiariki’s Certificate for Entry to Automotive Trades now, but her education in vehicles started at a much earlier age.

“I’ve always had a passion for cars. When I was younger my father taught me how to pick up a spanner and do simple things in terms of fixing a car. As I got older, I basically wanted to take that further.”

Enrolling at Waiariki and maximising the opportunity to study in Taupo, surrounded by family and friends, Mereana has nothing but praise for her time as a student.

“The way that my tutor Steve Ramsey brought everything down to a certain level was just stunning. I loved his work and how he taught us in general.

“Waiariki was all good times – couldn’t ask for better classmates either - it was all top-notch.”

A big advocate of the notion you don’t get far without hard work, Mereana shopped her CV around Taupo garages after her graduation.

As fate would have it, her Grandmother knew of a position that had become available at the Rifle Range Service Centre. Putting her CV in for consideration, Mereana interviewed for the role, landing the job.

“It’s a big stepping stone and I’m learning lots,” she says proudly, thanking both her parents for their support.

“Dad now rambles on to all his friends ‘Oh my daughter is doing so well…’ so that’s a good thing, especially as he’s the one that started this passion in the first place.”

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