Micheal Dent Wins Charity House Interior Design Contest

29 Jun 2015

Micheal Dent has just joined a rare group of interior design students. Having had his kitchen concept chosen to be built into the 2015 Waiariki Charity House, he will graduate from Waiariki with one of his designs already being 'lived in' by the house's auction winners.

“I was totally blown away to win,” Micheal states, still shaking from the announcement. “It was definitely a surprise as there were so many good designs and colour schemes going on, it could have been anyone’s game. I definitely didn’t expect it to be me.”

Excited to see how the earth tones and silvers of his kitchen will be brought to life in the Charity House build, Micheal confesses while he has renovated quite a few houses in his lifetime, his first kitchen design has taught him a whole new perspective.

“I have been an artist all my life. I’ve done everything you could possibly do with a brush or pencil and I just absolutely love it. Doing interior design at Waiariki has upskilled my abilities even further. The support of my tutors and classmates has just been so helpful.

“My tutor, Joanne Donovan has been a mountain of knowledge. I went through about four stages of developing this kitchen. Each time we had a talk and I could see from her advice there were more areas I needed to explore. I went through at least three different colour schemes before settling on one I felt would be attractive to a wide range of prospective buyers at the house’s auction and it turned out to be fourth time lucky.”

With his kitchen designed to maximise all the existing space into useable space, while concentrating on flow into the dining area, Micheal encourages people with a passion for interior design to enrol and make it a career.

Do it. If you get the urge to chase your dreams you should do it 100%. It doesn't matter if you get knocked down time and time again, just keep doing what you love and sooner or later you’ll be rewarded.”

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