Postgraduate Study Takes Michele Weston To The Next Level

12 Jan 2015

Ten years ago, Michele Weston made the most of Waiariki’s Taupo and Rotorua campuses, by transferring her studies on the New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6) as she moved from the South Waikato township to Rotorua.

Adding the formal qualification to the industry experience she had already gained in the workplace, Michele was quickly snapped up by Millennium Hotels and Resorts. Nine and a half years on, having worked her way through four different departments to become sales manager, Michele decided it was time to “up the ante”. Returning to Waiariki, she enrolled on the Postgraduate Certificate in Management, a move her superiors at Millennium Hotels completely supported.

“I spoke to my general manager about it when I first considered enrolling and she said to take whatever time I needed,” Michele states. “I just made up any class time that overlapped with my duties afterhours.”

Being an industry advisor on the committee for the postgraduate certificate inspired Michele to put herself through the qualification, to experience the skillset she was helping to refine, skills so industry relevant, she was able to put them into practice instantly.

“One of the papers that I did was a communications paper from a cultural perspective and it related immediately. The same with the finance paper, which is the one I found most beneficial. We analysed an annual report and now I’m actually looking forward to the release of our next annual report, so I can read it a little more in-depth than just finding out what the CEO’s getting paid.”

Believing postgraduate study helps boost your personal drive, Michele says as an already self-motivated person, higher learning just took hers to another level.

“It is really great that Waiariki offer postgraduate opportunities like these on our doorstep. You don’t have to travel away to be successful. It’s almost a shame not to take advantage of them.”

Advising all who decide to upskill with postgraduate study to research all the scholarships available, Michele credits the Rotorua Energy Charitable Trust for the scholarship she was awarded, which made the financial aspect of further study much easier to manage.

“From there I would say time management is the biggest thing,” she says. “Schedule the same as you would within your work environment. Diarise everything. The moment an assignment came out, I would break it down each day, each week, as to what I needed to do. The rewards are definitely there.”

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