Zara Mathews' Creation Wins At Miss Teen New Zealand

21 Aug 2014

“It was cool to see all the competing garments together and have mine stand out so much. Everybody else either used traditional Maori designs or the New Zealand flag, so mine was really different. I guess that's why it won.”

Zara Mathews' (pictured left) modest attitude hides the fact her creation based on New Zealand's iconic silver fern took out 'Best National Dress' at Miss Teen New Zealand 2014.

The Waiariki Diploma in Fashion Technology student worked off the theme, inspired by the fact the first Kiwi to win Miss Universe wore a silver fern on her garment. Showing more green, more 'kiwi black' and more fern (yes, they are attached to the dress) she created a winning piece (pictured right) that is truly different.

Her advice to people to take up fashion? "Well I came to Waiariki to be a teacher and the staff ended up saying “You’re creative”. They offered me a look at the creative booklet and then I thought ‘Oh, I kind of like fashion, let’s just try something with it’. So if someone really enjoys it, I'd say just go for it really.”

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